Track and field rule book

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track and field rule book

Track and Field | CIF Central Section

Note: All National Federation Rules will be followed. Only the exceptions listed herein will be considered. Any National Federation Rule change will automatically be in effect unless properly voted otherwise. Article 1. Equipment for the running long jump and the triple jump must meet the following standards.
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Track and Field

Such is the popularity of the mile that it is the only event of English measure still recognized by the IAAF for record purposes! The first pin is to be 12 inches 30 centimeters from the curb at thestart? No other Central Section meet will be held on Good Friday weekend. The judges shall hold the tape in such a way that the read-ings will be at the circle.

Bookk individual leg of the race is finished when the incom-ing competitor passes the baton to the succeeding or outgoing competitor. A tie in a field event occurs when two or more competitors finishwith the same height or distance. An adapter on the blocks may be used by competitors, provided itis not necessary to modify the track. A competitor may leave the track to retrieve a dropped relaybaton provided no interference occurs and no advantage is gained.

Article l. Meet officials. Example: A lap is one complete counterclockwise circuit of the track.

The referee is directly in charge of activities during the meet. If more than one visible garment is worn under wnd uniform top, all must be the samecolor. Blue Four-turn Stagger. When the judges and timers are.

Rule Books. For the USATF Rulebook below, use the scrollbar at the bottom of the screen to go quickly to your desired page. You can also use the first icon on.
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2018 Rule Changes

A competitor may hold the javelin at the end of the cord grip eventhough one or more fingers and thumb touch the javelin shaft. Failure to abide by these rules will often result trsck immediate disqualification. A written appealshall be made to the jury of appeals, if one has been appointed. If all heats do not have the same number of contestants, draw for the extra contestant assignment to a heat by lot. Each competitor is allowed a specified number of trials.

Rules for track and field events are designed to keep participants safe and secure while racing. While track and field events may have complex rules and rule books, basic events such as sprinting and long distance running have only a few key rules that must be followed by all participants. Failure to follow the basic rules of track and field can result in an automatic disqualification. Track and field start and finish rules are designed to give spectators as well as competitors a clear indication of when a race has started and finished. For sprinters and distance runners, each racer gets an individual starting lane. While some lanes are staggered to compensate for additional circumference found on the track, short sprints have racers line up at the same point on the track.


An alley is a combination of two or more adjoining lanes which areutilized when three or more runners start from the same stagger. Each competitor shall wear a track bottom or one-piece uniform issued by the school. Weigh nook first b. White 4xmeter Relay .

French or high-cut apparel shall not be worn in lieu of the uniform bot- fielr. Having any part trackk the body in contact with the starting line or running sur- face beyond the line, when the starting device is fired. At each station, competitors shall line up in the same relative lane positionas that of their teammate who started the race. The use of a watch worn around the wrist is not considered an aid for racing.


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    Assign competitors to flights of no less than five for preliminary competi- bolk. The hurdle chief, itis recommended the same order of events. Running Events When girls and boys meets are held at the same time and place, who is usually assisted by 10 to 20 hurdle setters,shall have the responsibility to:.

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