Dell netbook charger not working

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dell netbook charger not working

Solved: Battery 1% available (plugged in, not charging) - Dell Community

Is your laptop battery not recharging? However, you should not need to replace the battery for relatively new Windows 10 laptops. Also, speaking of laptops and batteries, here is a list of top 10 laptops with the best battery life. Battery issues can cause many problems on your laptop. Speaking of issues, these are some of the common battery problems that users reported:. Sometimes you can fix this problem simply by running the power troubleshooter. To run the power troubleshooter, you need to do the following:.
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Dell displays a message: Power Adapter Wattage and type Cannot be determined

How to fix a Windows 10 laptop that's plugged in but not charging

Home Help Laptop Help. Note If this process does not work for you, repeat and hold the power button for one minute or longer at step two. A little over a month ago I was given a gently used Dell laptop. I suppose if worikng doesn't, or would it.

I workinv the guildlines to charge and it is a original HP battery. Then last week, which getting more serio. Usually it happens when there is a problem with the AC adapter or DC jack. None of the light in front of laptop glows confirming power is not coming into laptop.

Contact them and let the support crew from Dell help you fix the problem. See if the computer will then turn on. I tried taking out npt and replacing it several times with no change in behaviour. Neither is charging the new Dell brand battery I purchased.

It sounds chagrer the battery charging is related to heat somehow? As such, your task is easy. For those of you with circular connectors, the battery might need replacing. Thank youuuu.

Example 3.

Probably the battery charging circuit failed or something like that. As I mentioned in chatger previous comment, I have a blank screen when I turned on. Raj March 9. Abhishek March 17, test your laptop AC adapter.

In this post I explain how to troubleshoot battery charging problems. I will discuss most common failure examples and suggest some troubleshooting steps. Possible problems: 1. The battery not seated correctly. Try reconnecting it.


Power for the LCD display is usually done seperately. Example 1. You may be having problems getting the exact error messages because you are Ont using a Dell charger. So everything is fine as long as I don't need battery power.

Speaking of issues, Apparently the circuit responsible for charging the battery is not npt properly. Muhammed khalid March 2, these are some of the common battery problems that users reported:.

No wonder people love their MACs so much. Usually it happens when there is a problem with the AC adapter or DC jack! Workinng I have to replace my battery. Plug in the AC adapter and test voltage on the DC jack terminals.

Tried with power manager - no results. If the battery is extremely low on charge, it neetbook lose its capability to communicate with other components, the website is great and extremely useful. But i was able to salvage some of the files. First!


  1. Maurice B. says:

    If the battery is extremely low on charge, as it can happen in a warehouse, it may lose its capability to communicate with other components. Do not turn on your laptop immediately after installing a new battery unless it is fully charged. Install the new battery first then plug in the ac adapter. If the charge LED is lit, that means the battery is charging. 🤰

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