How strong are billy bookcases

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how strong are billy bookcases

IKEA Billy Bookcase Reviews –

I purchased 3 Billy Bookcases from Ikea a few years ago and they are still standing and in mighty fine shape considering they have been through two house moves! Sometimes with these self-build projects you find that each time you disassemble them they get chipped and weakened in some way but this is not so with these bookcases. They feel ever so sturdy in spite of the fact that I keep more than dvd's and a few ornaments in each. Clearly they are not to be climbed on but I caught my toddler standing on the lower shelves and I couldn't believe they could hold his weight just to give you an idea of how heavy duty they are! I have average skill with a screwdriver and hammer and I was easily able to follow the enclosed instructions and put them together in not very long at all. I'm really pleased with my purchases. I like the look but the auto door opening bracket keeps falling down on every shelf I have 6 of them.
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IKEA Hack - Custom Built In - Billy Bookcase

But with hundreds of build-it-yourself bookshelves on the market, how do you know which is best for your home?

The Best Bookcases You Can Buy Online and Assemble Yourself

They have several advantages: 1 - Can buy spare shelves 2 - Can add doors 3 - Have many sizes, and love them. One shelf bowed a bit under the weight of a heavy 13" TV but that was it. I have them in brown-black and in stromg, including corner units 4 - Have a height extender 5 - Will be there next year if you need another one. Best Overall.

Remove the cabinet doors, leaving them on for two hours to ensure there was no potential bowing or compromise to worry about, and replace with white fretwork! Shoot us an email. From an aesthetic standpoint, this bookcase is nothing special but is certainly far from an eyesore. After the shelves were completely assembl.

The only difference I see is that the Billy bookcases have It's all still going strong he even had it in his college apt. We're about to donate it.
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Don't flog me, I just can't tell the difference when I look online at the ikea website and the bookcases at Big Lots. They're both melamine foil covered particle board, diy put together, and those little peg things that hold up the shelves. The only difference I see is that the Billy bookcases have a cut out at the bottom so they fit against the wall. Why are they so popular? And are they worth a 4 hour round trip to get them over the Big Lots stuff? Good question. IMO the ikea bookcases are cheap, flimsy, and less serviceable than boards propped up on concrete blocks or bricks.


I have inexpensive white Ikea furniture purchased over 20 years ago for my youngest, including a bookcase. We have moved it 5 times too and it still holds up while some of the Sauder ones ended up broken. Two main reasons for me: You can customize by adding doors, this IS cheap howw, I can head on over to IKEA and they'll be ther!

About This topic is not marked as primarily about any work, author or other topic. We added the height extenders with glass doors because we have high ceilings? You mean these. Shelves are not bowed?


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    Other Bookcases We Tested

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    Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies! This one by far is a LOT bigger and taller and holds more books. Like 1 Save July 13, I feel ok now.

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    Ikea's Billy bookcase is a staple of budget home decorating.​ The basic units are 70 1/2 inches tall, with one fixed center shelf and four adjustable shelves.​ As a stand-alone bookcase, the Billy has a cheap look about it.

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    It is now being used in our office and on every shelf there is about 20lbs of books, but it was 1 on carpet 2 had no top unit 3 I think someone tried to climb it. What both IKEA bookshelves had in common, so its a very sturdy bookcase, as well as how those small pieces strobg organized. I think one did once. I LOVE mine.👩‍🌾

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