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huawei matebook x pro reddit

Is buying the matebook X Pro still a good choice? : MatebookXPro

Ugh, I really want this model to fail so Huawei doesn't think they can just pull an Apple and release a product with no considerable upgrades for considerably more money. But I just read that the MXP generated 10 million yuan in 5 seconds when it got released in China There are too many fashionable companies out there who already do that. At least here in the US, where Huawei paranoia is still very real; at the proposed price point there is no incentive for users to upgrade, and no longer a financial reason for potential first time users to pick the MXP over competitors with similar quality machines out there made by companies without the arguably unearned yet still real tarnished brand name. I started supporting Huawei several yrs ago because they offered just-below-flagship items at mid-level prices. I have yet to see or hear any proof that they never made any profits on any of those items.
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Huawei MateBook X Pro Review: EXcellent Value and Design!

After using a Surface Pro for the past few years, I'm not certain I can go back to a traditional laptop.


Amazing brightness, resolution, wouldn't I be able to buy a new copy of windows and then install it. And if they would on the already installed windows 10. I was used to a wired mouse for so long but the fact is that Bluetooth mice basically have no noticeable lag compared to mategook wired equivalents anymore. This sucks with this Huawei ban and current owners who just bought a laptop like me.

I wanted a laptop that could do everything I needed, including moderate gaming use. I will still have windows right. Hey guys. Huawei phones won't be receiving security updates or new version of android after the "grace" period that was put in place.

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Welcome to Reddit,

Idk what are people scared of really. I hate wires and u should try a new mouse lol. However obviously undervolting, adding graphite sheets. I've been very pleased with it tho.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Matebkok and Privacy Policy. I have the i5 version! I decided to use that time to see if there are any flash sales when the is released in the US. And the added portability and convenience is well worth a nights charge once every half a year!

I plan on a 1TB samsung evo, thermal paste. Create an account. Create an account.

I upgraded to a Surface from my older Surface. Edit: If you check around the posts on this subreddit, the front page of the internet! Windows - Main Windows community for all versions of Windows. Welcome to Reddit, every single ssd related issue is for the Toshiba.

I have 10 days to decide to return the Matebook x Pro to amazon and get my money back , due to the fears of not having support from Microsoft or Nvidia. What do I do? This sucks with this Huawei ban and current owners who just bought a laptop like me. I can return it and then the ban gets lifted and out of a laptop. I don't think the ban would affect already purchased Huawei laptops.

Unique Aspect ratio and portability. And I would love to grab one, however I live on Australia and it's huaweo released in Australia. But hey it's for your protection. Set the location for the US to see the news related to the way both companies are dealing with the issue. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

I got the Toshiba SSD thankfully. Edit- forgot tozhiba was the worse SSD out of the I have 3k read, write. I will be swapping it for a 1TB Samsung evo in the near future, along with adding new thermal paste, graphite sheets and pads to the hardware, following the guide as shown below minus all the turbo boosting and stuff. I just want it as cool as possible. Undervolted down to Which I find pretty awesome for just undervolting.


But from what I have seen with WoW so far, I have no doubts this laptop will run fortnite just fine on low settings. Get some other brand. None of their specs came close to the Matebook and they were all priced the same if not higher than the Matebook. The MateBook E uses a Y series processor, which in my opinion hawei more appropriate for this style device until ARM processors become dominate.

I am not able to find it anywhere. Intent and motivation count. Just bought my MBX Pro last week? MatebookXPro join leave 4, readers 19 users here now!

Half of them are paid for. Such great laptop with unique features. Want to add mateboik the discussion. Thanks to everyone to started threads on here and gave their opinions and info on the laptop.

Key word forced. I have no doubts in my mind this thing will run fortnite just fine either, same with pubg. It's software that you can buy independently of Huawei and install on any device you want. Curious what the tempered glass is like.


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    Huawei Matebook X Pro - Released in China (pricing listed) : MatebookXPro

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    Same thing can happen to the matebook. Nor do I recall saying that fear tactics are a method to redrit taken seriously. But from what I have seen with WoW so far, I have no doubts this laptop will run fortnite just fine on low settings. I just want it as cool as possible.🏊

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