Books on perfectionism and depression

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books on perfectionism and depression

Perfectionism (psychology) - Wikipedia

Striving for excellence is an admirable goal. Adaptive or healthy perfectionism can drive ambition and lead to extraordinary accomplishments. High-achieving people often show signs of perfectionism. However, maladaptive, unhealthy, or neurotic perfectionism, where anything less than perfect is unacceptable, can leave individuals vulnerable to depression. In both personal and professional relationships, nurses need to understand how accepting only perfection in self and others is likely to lead to emotional distress.
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Overcoming Perfectionism - Obsession, Depression, & Anxiety - Self-Care and How to Get Started

What is perfectionism and what is the effect of perfectionism on people's psychological lives?

Perfectionism (psychology)

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment? Those that obtain high "Worry About Imperfection" scores are usually greatly concerned with maladaptive aspects of perfectionismm, and body control behavior, and provide a more rational evaluation. Nearly every perfectionistic tendency - including simply having high personal standards - was correlated with thinking about suicide more frequently. Challenge their belief if they call themselves a failure.

Self-oriented perfectionism may also involve a well-articulated ideal self-schema? Another important feature that is used to define perfectionists psrfectionism considering your self-worth to be based mainly on your ability to strive for and achieve these high standards. She calls this desensitization approach Practice Acting? Many individuals now widely regarded as geniuses were obsessive about the quality of their work.

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At 26, she was living in Washington, D. It seemed like she never stopped. Psychologists who study perfectionism note that the trait has positive qualities. Many perfectionists are persistent, detail-oriented, organized, and accomplish a great deal. An attorney needs to prepare thoroughly in order to win a case, a surgeon must be meticulous when operating, and a chef who insists on a spotless kitchen does everyone a favor. The problem starts when nothing and no one is ever good enough.


Coping with life's inevitable failures is not easy for those whose self-worth is contingent on success. Roedell argues:. Rather than receiving recognition for their strivings or help when they need it, maladaptive nurse perfectionists can find themselves struggling within their relationships and becoming increasingly vulnerable to symptoms of depression. Perfectionism at Wikipedia's sister projects.

For perfectionists, the fear of failure is debilitating! Maladaptive perfectionism perfedtionism more similar to neuroticism while adaptive perfectionism is more similar to conscientiousness. When comorbid conditions such as major depression or suicidal ideation are also present, therapeutic approaches become more complex. Say a patient channels perfectionism into a rigid need to keep a pristine and orderly home.


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    Perfectionism is increasingly being seen as a risk perfectiknism for suicide that has a double edged sword. Acceptance-based behavior therapy ABBT was demonstrated to have a major contribution to treat perfectionism from increasing awareness, increasing acceptance. Cognitive Therapy and Research. The first being the setting of excessively high personal standards of performance.

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    by Stephen Guise.

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