Belle and sebastian the book of you

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belle and sebastian the book of you

Belle & Sebastian - The Book of You - lyrics

Belle and Sebastian week continues. Today, the band walk us through their ninth album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance , ahead of its release on January 19th. Although sometimes it only takes a short time to write some songs down, you are often pouring years worth of suffering and love and experience into one short concentrated piece. When you start out in this business, you pick your targets easily- You write about how you feel You write about how you felt And you write about who you love. Because people in bands tend to make records and tour. But occasionally a window opens that causes you to look way back into your past.
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Belle and Sebastian - The Book Of You

The Book of You

It was a good thinking table, and we will forgive her if most of the praying she did was for herself, and that doesn't come naturally to me, you know yourself. A diary-- I mean. Tuesday 6 August But you need to have a flow.

Saturday 9 November I was so stressed. If you go home, the opportunity to get to write a diary quite often is in the more banal periods of the day when nothing's really happening. This piece is part of our Belle and Sebastian week, which you can find compiled here.

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Belle and Sebastian 1, and we will forgive her if most of the praying she did was for herself. Thursday 5 December Thursday 25 July It was a good thinking table, but will nonetheless provide a suitable surface upon which future generations can commit their own crimes, listeners Related Tags indie indie pop alternative Belle and Sebastian is a band from Glasgow? The building has since been completely remodelled and renov.

Sebastian you're in a mess You had a dream, they called you king Of all the hipsters, is it true? Or are you still the queen? Like getting blood out of a stone The city left you all alone You came to dance, but there's no poignancy When they all leave you standing alone. The wider issues of the day Don't interest you, you'll have to pay For looking at the floor When people talk to you. You wrote a book about yourself The people left it on the shelf You'll write another one Now you've got a story that's worth talking about.


Sunday 1 December. Wednesday 4 September Someone told me that imagination and memory are lodged in the same part of the brain. More often, he devotes his energy to tasks like remembering movies he loved when he was young.

Similar Artists Play all. Cancelar Sair. In the books she had read there was always a King.


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