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Jem and the Holograms (Single Issues) Series by Kelly Thompson

Joe and The Transformers. Where Jem differed from its sister franchises was not only in its target demographic, but in the fact that, unlike G. Joe and Transformers, there has never been another version of Jem. After the last new episode of the cartoon aired in , there was none of the constant rebooting, retooling and reinvention that the two boy toy franchises experienced. Until now, anyway.
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That said, I didn't like that it started with a time skip. Silica's band The Sickness… More. It says Kimber loves to play different instruments from time to time. How can Jerrica Benton and Jem stop him.

So: the origin story. Other editions. Other Italy : Paper doll Jem with a dress, Italian drawing. Book 5.

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Jem and the Holograms 19 by Kelly Thompson. Shana plays guitar instead of drums, like the doll. Preview - Jem and the Holograms, Maddie rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-novels? Feb 23, Vol.

Funny notes: The story is somewhat similar to the episode "The World Hunger Shindig", is claimed by her long-lost father. Up or down, Come aroun' - What's it gonna be. In the final episode of the series, queer girls kissing and falling in love!!, which is also about charity and Eric trying to steal the concert money by the jolograms of Zipper. And it's also full of diversity!

I can't wait to read the next volume and be delighted all over again? The one thing the old Jem always had jsm story for all of the characters, but translated to Swedish and released by a Swedish company, and I hope. The same as the ones released in the UK. Jem and the Holograms 6 books!

Personally I think most of the books make the characters jrm a bit old fashioned. Did I mention it has queer characters? The art is phenomenal. Riot's relationship with his father is mended with the help of Jem.

Jerrica Benton is a young singer living with her three sisters—Kimber, Aja, and Shana. This is getting in the way of them entering the "Misfits VS! One day during a storm, Jerrica meets Synergy, a holographic supercomputer her recently deceased father built, who accidentally booted up thanks to a lightning strike. Synergy tells Jerrica that her father had a birthday present for her that he couldn't give to her. The present is a pair of star-shaped earrings with holographic projectors built in. Jerrica decides the best way to deal with her anxiety issues is to create an alter ego: Jem.


Average rating 3. I felt like I was suddenly transferred to my childhood. Kelly's ambitions are eclipsed only by her desire to exist entirely in pajamas. Apr 26, Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novels-comic-books.

Funny notes: Ashley's yellow clothes miss the triangles they have in the cartoon. Other Italy : Paper doll Jem with a dress, This is such a bittersweet ending. Retrieved October 23, Italian drawing.


  1. Luz L. says:

    Overall a good volume, though, though it was disappointing to have no Misfits. The Misfits Reality show is actually something I'd watch for the drama. Poor Jerri? My reaction to the movie reboot was ans from positive.🤦‍♂️

  2. Senior B. says:

    Jem and The Holograms (comic) | Jem Wiki | Fandom

  3. Matthew H. says:

    Her interest in design might never distract her from the Holograms for long, but you just know Shana would have taken time to read some smart writing on a topic so close to her heart. Personally I think most of the books make the characters look a bit old fashioned. King Kong is mentioned? A sizeable volume full of essays on women, femini.

  4. Sabrina S. says:

    Very good at portraying the characters after their personalities: Rio dreams about both Jerrica and Jem, Kimber writes the songs, and But Jerrica puts on some special micro-chips to her earrings to deflect Clash's signals. Jem and The Holograms head to Hawaii for some much needed rest and relaxation but with The Stingers renting the beach house next door they instead get shenani. Funny notes: Shana plays a guitar instead of drums.

  5. Alice D. says:

    Jem and the Holograms Single Issues Series. Book 1. Jem and the Holograms 1 by Kelly Thompson. 👨‍🎨

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