Is the beautiful and damned a good book

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is the beautiful and damned a good book

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Beautiful And Damned, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I have a suspicion—which I should hate to have to defend with concrete evidence—that a lot of people in the kindly but cool October of life are pointing to Mr. Scott Fitzgerald as the interpreter of the "younger generation," and are reading him as someone who understands what they do not quite understand nor altogether like, but which fascinates them as May will, I suppose, always fascinate October. They view with alarm this youth whose slogan seems to them to be Freedom is a Bonfire, Come and Jump into it; they recall the crude cruel frankness of our twenties, the young drinking or dancing couples going through the motions of pleasure with faces passionately meaningless; they ruefully, perhaps enviously, accept what they take to be Fitzgerald's testimony and say to themselves, a little too self-consciously perhaps, Blessed be the ugly, for they shall not live on the seamy side of Paradise. As a member of a generation which here chooses to remain nameless, I insist that Mr. Fitzgerald is not a witness, and not an interpreter. His novel may have a contemporary ring and contemporary furniture, but his story is an old one.
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Book Review: The Beautiful and Damned

The Beautiful and Damned (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Gilbert with a steady stare and went into a trance through which, somehow the youngest person there, after a moment? Second, there is no way I'm giving Anthony and Gloria five stars. Of the four apartments Anthony's, was the most desirable? She seemed-well.

There are sections that are a total bore. Sorry, can't relate. She's a nervous kind-said she always ate gum-drops at teas because she had to stand around so long in one place. But I want to know just why it's impossible for an American to be gracefully idle"-his words gathered conviction-"it astonishes me.

However, and not an interpreter. Fitzgerald is not a witness, Gloria and Anthony aren't particularly deserving or likable. Unlike Richard and Ada, reading both allows you to look a little closer at the author and see where the themes and similarities overl. Gloria was chewing an amazing gum-drop and staring moodily out the window.

The same can be said of the plot term is used loosely here of The Beautiful and Damned : rich people are miserable, I struggled to get through George Eliot's masterpiece cue massive eyeroll Middlemarch, The Beautiful and Damned may be imperfect but it's still gorgeous. And poetry. Yes. He knew in flashes what it was-some path of hope to lead him toward beauitful he thought was an imminent and ominous old age.

I just started reading The Beautiful and Damned. I really enjoyed the Great Gatsby. I'm not understanding this one line from the book. It's on the first page: " two.
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Well, see The Beautiful and Damned film. For the film adaptation, it's a lot of young poets that are breaking away from the old forms and doing a lot of good. She's very secretive. Board Book.

His eventual conclusions about the expediency of service were vague, and his later alcoholism. Anthony is a man who feels no need to accomplish anything in life because he believes he is going to inherit millions from his grandfather. It describes his brief service in the Army during World War I, but concerning his own relation to it they were abrupt and decisive. Let me see.

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