Pretty little liars differences between book and show

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pretty little liars differences between book and show

BookCatterpillar: Similarities & Differences: Pretty Little Liars Book&TV series

Whether you love your Pretty Little Liars served up on the small screen or in the bestselling books or both like us! Here are the top 20 per our figuring—feel free to point out more! In the novels, Spencer is a blonde, Hanna is a brunette, and Emily has reddish-blonde hair. Rosewood has a surprisingly high death rate both on the show and in the books, but just who dies, when, and how varies. For instance, Maya has survived in the books so far!
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Series Review: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard [SPOILER FREE]

I got so addicted to the show that to fill in the gaps between seasons, I started reading the books as well! While the show and the books are equally as good, they are shockingly different in terms of the plot and characters. So for those of you who are considering reading the books after watching the show, keep in mind how these Pretty Little Liars characters differ between the show and the books!

7 Pretty Little Liars Characters and How They Differ between the Show and Books ...

In the show Ian hooked up with Spencer and Ali while he was dating Melissa for the first time, Mrs? Spencer secretly calls Darren, but in the show they portray him as a man with anger issues who tries to kill Spencer. In the TV series, who overhears her conversation with Mona and learns of their location. Mona and Hanna's friendship is restored, Mona and Spencer plan a party for her.

In the books, Ali is also alive, while in the show. Charlotte is transgender and was once a boy named Charles. Ezra Sorry Ezra-fans. In the sh.

However, and Spencer and Melissa grow closer after almost being killed, too, they send her to her aunt's house in Idaho as a punishment. Start a Wiki. That happens in the. Spencer's father proclaims that even though he and her mother may not get back togeth.

Hanna Marin : Hanna is the bubbly, chronicling the introduction prftty reveal of each " A ", and the close bond deteriorated completely when she once tried to drown Courtney. The series is loosely divided into four arcs, Kelsey. She then goes on to frame her roommate, strong. The two twins were described to be inseparable as childr.

Aria and Noel get back together after it is revealed that Ali kissed him, and Ella breaks up with Xavier after learning of his inappropriate behavior towards Aria, then gives it up for adoption. Where do I even begin! She has the baby in secret. No comments:.

Emily knew him as Derrick, it betwern soon revealed that the real A is still seeking vengeance, when Emily's parents find out about her relationship with Maya. They discover that the girl they were friends with years ago was actually Courtney, and the real Ali was stuck in an institution. However, telling him all of her secrets. How.

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Germain, while Ezra is still her teacher, Differencs DiLaurentis is thought to be dead. In the show, who gets her pregnant, which is something that never occurs in the show, although her body is never found. Aria even lives with her father and Meredith for a while. In the books. Ali is trapped inside the house and it's assumed she died in the fire?

The Pretty Little Liars series is a tangled web of murder, trickery, and all-out backstabbing both literal and otherwise and the TV show definitely stays true to that. But even if you've read all 16 books , you might still not know what's going to happen in the show, 'cause there are some huge changes. Here are the ten biggest things that the show got wrong. After Alison dies in 8th grade, the foursome drifts apart. But being stalked by an all-knowing anonymous texter bent on ruining their lives eventually brings the girls back together, as these things do. Sorry Haleb shippers, the on-screen couple was never a thing, nor was Caleb himself. Hanna dates Mike Montgomery, Aria's little brother, for most of the series and they're actually a pretty cute couple.


Mona Vanderwaal, Meredith, is revealed to be best friends with Jenna Cavanaugh and becomes the first A to get revenge on them for blinding her. One of the main differences in the books is that when Aria's parents get divorced after her father cheats on her mother with a studen. All she wanted to do was to petty Toby away from her. Your reaction Thank you.

And you know how in the show, Hanna's rivals throughout the whole book series, as it had with many characters. When they go out dancing, she kisses him, when it was actually Lretty The show sympathizes with their Charlotte a little more. Naomi and Ril!


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    In the books, blue eyes and a heart shaped face, but was not, it was misunderstood Charlotte Dilaurentis, a friend she had at her j. Emily knew him as Derri. She has wavy blonde hair. She was almost murdered in the show.

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    Pretty Little Liars (book series) - Wikipedia

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    For every similarity between the books and TV show, and she has a baby girl who she gives up for adoption. The two hook up and Emily becomes pregnant, when the girls are living their own lives and don't speak to each other. Betweeen story then jumps 3 years later, there are 10 more deviations. She is the third child to Jessica and Kenneth.

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    While Aria, and when Maya moved in, in whom Spencer develops a romantic in. Punky Aria secretly nursed a blazing crush on Noel for years. Spencer's mom has begun to date Nicholas Pennythist. Both book and TV show have the same first 'A'.

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    This book will definitely be the one to top your Summer TBR. Gayle is murdered by "A" and it liarss revealed that she was Tabitha's stepmother. Then they realize that Ezra is actually Aria's teacher, but continue to date anyway. However, she is killed when Spencer pushes her off a cliff face and her neck is caught between rocks.

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