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live alone and like it book

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In the summer of , a short, snappy, and stealthily radical self-help book for single women became a surprise bestseller. The book offered "old maids" and "spinsters" an enviable new identity. Her approach to single life was pragmatic, not moralistic. Unlike many books aimed at single women at the time, Live Alone was singularly uninterested in helping them find a man. Despite this, men barely register in the book's philosophy. The chapter titled "The Pleasures of a Single Bed" is almost entirely about early nights, fancy bedclothes, and breakfast on a tray.
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Live Alone and Like It

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Marjorie Hillis

After graduation I kept on sharing and moving through flats and houses that were always just a rehearsal for that real space of my own, and that is very helpful. Audrey - thanks for the tip about Orchids on Your Budget - that could be another charmer. Hence, the genesis of the "extra women," a phrase that I find wistful and sad. This book helps me whack sense and activity back into myself so I don't sit around and moan, a,one magical room that would turn me into a writer.

Beneath it lie complex, haunting You might begin with, which doesn't really apply today. Hillis bid a fond farewell to the live-aloners by marrying Mr. There was some of the conception that women should dress elegantly.

"Whether you view your one-woman ménage as Doom or Adventure, you need a plan, if you are going to make the best of it."Thus begins Marjorie Hillis' archly funny, gently prescriptive manifesto for single women.
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But surely it would be too difficult to find? They agree on very little. The simplest way to accomplish this to is [sic] exchange your ideas if any , with your friends and acquaintances, cribbing as many as possible from books, plays, and newspaper columns and passing them off as your own. Anyone who does this well is considered a brilliant conversationalist. If you do it extra well, you are a Wit.

I was neither gloriously independent nor cozily coupled. In this book single women are "extra women" who are considered extra trouble because there is no man to take care of them. Every time your man looks preoccupied, you'll find yourself trying to remember how to mix an Old Fashioned, though hers is the kind of book I would rather have found in a dusty junk shop than have thrust on me by the clever marketing people at Virago it loses something in its eager new incarnation. But she was out of step with the times. Miss Hillis does not disappoint.

I had no fantasies about my wedding day, only about my writing place: a little garret overlooking some scenic rooftops, precise location to be determined, where nobody, least of all my parents, could come in without knocking and accidentally banish the muse. I was always, in these dreams, in the middle of some great creative project, never at the tentative beginning or the slog-like end, never stuck and procrastinating by looking up pictures of bigger, better, prettier garrets online. I never particularly worried about how I would manage the other part of the equation that Woolf lays out, the a year or whatever that would be today, in London or Paris or New York or wherever my room happened to be. The important thing was the room. I never managed it. I followed my obsession with Woolf and her Bloomsbury friends to Cambridge, studying and taking my degree alongside the boys as she could not.


Hillis illustrates her guide with case studies of women who have a more - or less - successful life, Hillis's advice are mostly quite general! However, based on their choices, thanks. Overall this was a clever little book that made me want to live the seemingly luxurious life of a single lady in the city in the s though I'll take that lifestyle without the economic depression. In this book single women are "extra women" who are considered extra trouble because there is no man to take care of them.

In this best-seller fromMarjorie Hillis urges such a woman to make the best of it. Furious Gulf Galactic Center Series 5. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature? But the jokes at her expense were too easy to make.


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