Joe and charlie worksheets pdf

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joe and charlie worksheets pdf

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Download them here absolutely free of charge. Joe and charlie big book study pdf. During any such meeting to Study the AA Big Book, you would expect to encounter a wide variety of viewpoints on the portions under consideration. Westboro Big Book Study Group. You can also listen to Charlie and Joe - there are 35 mp3s available here from one weekend - available.
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Joe & Charlie Big Book Study Part 1 of 15 - AA History

Below are the handouts from the Joe & Charlie Big Book Study (individually in.​PNG format and one single download of all of them format) that have.

Joe & Charlie Big Book Studies

Four Kinds of Moral Inventory. Size Joe M. I also wanted a secure forum to communicate with other alcoholics not one that is freely open to anyone that can register.

Chapter 2: There Is A Solution 4. The next time selfishness, resentment and fear crop. About 6 months into my sobriety I was so afraid that someone would find my first written fourth step that I cut it up into tiny pieces and threw it away in a public dumpster out of fear that someone would find it. My problem is that everything is in paper format and I wanted an interactive way to complete the step study guides.

Moral Inventory Blank Form. Taped in Mesa, The 4th Step - list of fears His Wife Read His Fourth Step Luckily my sponsor forewarned me to make sure to keep my fourth step hidden from my wife in a secure locati!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here God Bless. Keep it simple. Chapter 3: More About Alcoholism 5.

We reviewed our own conduct over the years past. He passed anf on Sept. More about Alcoholism. In November ofliving in abandon apartments and homes after the Northridge earthqua.

The link below is no longer functional, but I am leaving it as it. This is infinitely more secure than storing your resentments and journal entries on a piece of paper or wotksheets computer where anyone can find them. Download free audiobooks in the MP3 format or play them straight via youtube. On Resentment - Part 2.

Your Daily Reprieve from Alcoholism

He also helped to edit the edition of this book. If jow is interested, the 4th step is included. I am truly honored to have personally known both of them. The greatest presentation of the Big Book ever. Search this site.

The man who would eventually become my Sponsor, Bill M. In , he attended a convention in San Fernando were he finally heard the message of what exactly he needed to do. On April 4th, , Bill could no longer take the pain that active alcoholism creates. Bill recovered from alcoholism and has not had a drink since. Thus began Bill M.


Daily Bread AA Speakers! I only wish I had known about these guys earlier and am doing all I can to share this with others! Keep them coming and thanks to everyone that makes that possible; I appreciate your service. pdc

After one becomes more proficient at doing it, Ken H, then. About Other Speakers. Sincerely. Maryland State Convention - 2.

The 4th Step Dan S. Bob Luckily my sponsor forewarned me to make sure to keep my fourth step hidden from my wife in a secure location?

There is no one right way to do a 4th step inventory! The 4th Step - sex list. He also helped to edit the edition of this book. Chapter 1: Bill's Story 3.


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