Death and the ploughman pdf

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death and the ploughman pdf

Death and the Ploughman

The Dance of Death by the German artist Hans Holbein — is a great, grim triumph of Renaissance woodblock printing. In a series of action-packed scenes Death intrudes on the everyday lives of thirty-four people from various levels of society — from pope to physician to ploughman. Death, the great leveller, lets no one escape. In fact it tends to treat the rich and powerful with extra force. As such the series is a forerunner to the satirical paintings and political cartoons of the eighteenth century and beyond.
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Bharat Ek Koj Supplement: Nasadiya Sukta from Rigveda

Death and the Ploughman

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“von vogelwat is mein pflug”: that is, he is a 'ploughman of the pen' – a clerk. 2 . all her honour and virtue, which God Himself granted her: Master Death.
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