Fire safety quiz questions and answers pdf hindi

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fire safety quiz questions and answers pdf hindi

safety quiz questions with answers pdf in hindi Archives - Instrumentation Tools

Browse All Regulations. I'm looking for support for Electricity is one of the most dangerous forces in the workplace. If not handled correctly, it can result in fires, explosions, and electrocutions. Of course, no modern facility can operate without electricity, so it is important to take steps to ensure it is used as safely as possible at all times.
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safety Question Answer interview / Safety officer question & answer Part I

Electrical Safety Questions and Answers

Spontaneously igniting b. Answer qnswers Any work above 2 meters from ground is caused work at height. Answer : It is a temporary platform constructed for supporting both men and materials and working safety at a construction site. We cover everything thing you need to know to keep your facility safe from electricity including preventi?

What Is Personal Protective Equipment. Answer : The process of joining of metals either by electrical or by gas is called welding. Comprehensive -It evaluates the safety factors in the plant on the base engineering, testi. What Is Work At Height.

Need to change your career to Fire Officer? Then we will offer you with all the essential entity for you to clear the interview in Fire Officer Jobs.
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Fire Officer Interview Questions And Answers

MCQ on safety

Phone: Fax: This document explores the fire causes that are collectively associated with the majority of fire related deaths, injuries, and property damage in Portland. After reading these fire prevention tips, take the quiz to see how much you've learned! Cooking is the 1 cause of home fires in Portland, and unattended cooking is the top contributing factor.

Turn down the fire before going to answer the phone. These fires often start outside, drop and roll. Stop. IT Skills.

Are you looking for decent job? Are you physically strong and healthy? Are you interested to work in the security department? Safety officer is responsible for ensuring safety regulations that are adhere to and ensuring that nobody is violating safety regulations. The main aim of their job is to minimize occupational injuries, accidents and health problems.


Grease is used for cooking b. How much do you know about Emergency and Fire Safety! Spontaneous combustion occurs when a material generates is own heat, and increases in temperature without drawing heat from its surroundings. Carbon Monoxide.

Portable heaters tip over onto a carpet c. Question 9. Trivia Test. Having finished the training you are expected to know what to do in case of a fire drill.

Answer : Carbon Dioxide. How do electrical fires start and how can they be prevented. If the weight is too heavy for one person to lift, then he has to seek the assistance. Answer : Competitive pricing drives the cost of an inspection.

Sign up. Question Run to the nearest elevator with a fire extinguisher. Phone: .


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    Answer : Compressed Air or Nitrogen. Hose connections should be made properly! Answer : Safety tag can be defined a surface made of card board or paper board on which English local languages letters written for warning safety instructions to employees. What Is Personal Protective Equipment.

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    Electrical Safety [Questions & Answers] | Creative Safety Supply

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    Answer : Keep fire extinguisher nearby Keep fire watch pddf by Remove all combustible from work area Use all necessary PPE Never put welding gas cylinder in side a confined space Hoses shall not be laid in path ways Gas cutting torch should have flash back arrestors Gas test to be done hindo check for presence of flammable gas in site. Answer : Put it in a closed metal bin and empty regularly. Power strips with circuit breakers can be useful tools to temporarily plug several items into an electrical outlet, but if used incorrectly they can cause a fire? Management Skills.

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