Battery questions and answers pdf

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battery questions and answers pdf

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Cell and Battery Objective Questions Part-1-#Electrical_Engg_In_Hindi -

Theabovestatementisassociatedwith a Newton'slaw b Faraday'slawofelectromagnetic c Faraday'slawofelectrolysis d Gauss'slaw Ans:c 2. Duringthechargingofaleadacidcell a itsvoltageincreases b itgivesoutenergy c itscathodebecomesdarkchocolatebrownincolour d specificgravityofH2SO4decreases Ans:a. Thecapacityofaleadacidcelldoesnotdependonits a temperature b rateofcharge c rateofdischarge d quantityofactivematerial Ans:b.

Cell And Battery Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Trickle charging of a storage battery helps to a maintain proper electrolyte level b increase its reserve capacity c prevent sulphation d keep it fresh and fully charged Ans: d Undercharging a reduces specific gravity of the electrolyte b increases specific gravity of the electrolyte c produces excessive gassing d increases the temperature Ans: a When the battery is supplied with an external voltage greater than the terminal voltage, smooth charging is ensured. Some of the liberated hydrogen clings to the positive plate in primary cell and thus effectively reduces the effective surface of this plate resulting in reduction in the emf of the cell.

Take a free Electrician Practice Test to see what kind of questions are on actual electrician license exams. In constant voltage charging method, the charging current from discharged to fully charged condition a decreases b increases c remains constant d none of the above Ans: a Zohaib Quetions. You can change your answer if you want.

Much more than documents.

Morteza Shabanzadeh. The body of Edison cell is made of a bakelite b rubber c nickel plated steel d answefs Ans: c Life of the Edison cell is at least a five years b seven years c eight years d ten years Ans: a. Theeffectofsulphationisthattheinternalresistance a increases b decreases c remainssame d noneoftheabove Ans:a. Please visit our website and download the assignment the test.

During the charging of a lead-acid cell a its voltage increases b it gives out energy c its cathode becomes dark chocolate brown in colour d specific gravity of H2SO4 decreases Ans: a. The capacity of a lead-acid cell does not depend on its a temperature b rate of charge c rate of discharge d quantity of active material Ans: b. During charging the specific gravity of the electrolyte of a lead-acid battery a increases b decreases c remains the same d becomes zero Ans: a. The active materials on the positive and negative plates of a fully charged lead-acid battery are a lead and lead peroxide b lead sulphate and lead c lead peroxide and lead d none of the above Ans: c. When a lead-acid battery is in fully charged condition, the color of its positive plate is a dark grey b brown c dark brown d none of above Ans: c.


Personspreparingelectrolyteshouldwear a gogglesorotherfaceshield b rubber c rubberbootsandgloves d allabovesafetydevices Ans:d The output voltage of a charger is a less than the battery voltage b higher than the battery voltage c the same as the battery voltage d none of the above Ans: b. This is what I did when I wasn't battedy. There are a few publications reported the use of Nafion in Lithium battery and Sodium battery.

Cellsareconnectedinseriesinorderto a increasethevoltagerating 6 increasethecurrentrating c increasethelifeofthecells d noneoftheabove Ans:a Internal short circuits are caused by a breakdown of one or more separators b excess accumulation answres sediment at the bottom of the cell c both a and b d none of the above Ans: c In this case a magnetic field parallel to the direction of normal current flow has no effect? S Muralidharan.

Hence capacitors have higher current ratings than that of batteries. Try to decrease the particle size. Thomas Kadyk. If the material is new: cycles are OK.

Suggested Additional Reading Ascomparedtoaleadacidcell,theefficiencyofanickelironcellislessduetoits a compactness b lowere. Which of the following is primary cell:. Depending on their intended purpose, offering either long operation time or rapid energy dispensing?


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