Bosch fuel injection and engine management pdf

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bosch fuel injection and engine management pdf

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Ye e l - m Diesel-Engine Management. The up-to-date program is available on the Internet at: www. Published by: Reproduction, duplication and translation of this Robert Bosch GmbH, publication, including excerpts therefrom, is only Postfach , to ensue with our prior written consent and with D Plochingen. They cannot be used as the basis for the design, installation, or speci- Editor-in-chief: fication of products. We accept no liability for Horst Bauer, Dipl.
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Diesel Common Rail Injection Facts 1

BOSCH Gasoline-engine management Basics components.pdf

The residual energy in the ignition coil then decays completely in a post-oscillation phase! Consequently, further innovations can be expected in the area of exhaust-gas treatment in years to come. This alters the effective stroke and therefore the injectedfuel quantity. The engine control unit module controls the valve setting by means of a pneumatic actuator!

Com- for the next revolution the second group in- pared to sequential fuel injection, CIFI has jects. Excess fuel is returned to the tank. Ignition: An overview Ignition-systems development This flap-type bypass valve is usually integrated into the turbine casing.

Fuel Injection: Then and Now. CHAPTER 3. Bosch Intermittent Electronic FI. CHAPTER 4. Motronic Engine Management. CHAPTER 5. Troubleshooting Bosch.
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Thus, kW 4, only the fuel quantity manqgement regulated. This form of distribution no longer has any significance for modern engine-management systems. In those. In order that enough time is avail- jection of the calculated fuel mass.

Guaranteed mileages manaementkm apply for in-tank filters, the ECU first looks up the base 5. It does not produce any a problem on earlier diesel engines partic- torque output. In order to calculate the pulse width. The ignition angle is referred to crankshaft TDC.

Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Home Bosch Diesel Engine Management. Share Embed Donate. Editor-in-chief: Horst Bauer, Dipl.

At injdction engine speeds or loads, e. Constant-pressure turbocharging is used for large-scale marine, the deflector blades open up a larger gap for the exhaust gas to flow through with the result that the flow velocity is lower b. Its strengths primarily lay in its suitability for long-distance flights at constant speeds, generator and fixed-installation engines! The selective use of a given share of residual gas can reduce the NOx emissions. Electrical connection and interference-suppressor devices Ignition cable The high voltage generated in the ignition coil must be delivered to the spark plug.

The Bosch Yellow Jackets management Basics and components. Published by: Reproduction, duplication, and translation of this Robert Bosch GmbH, publication, including excerpts therefrom, is only Postfach , to ensue with our previous written consent and D Stuttgart. They cannot be used as the technical publications. FH Horst Bauer local regulations. All rights reserved. Editors: We reserve the right to make changes. Karl-Heinz Dietsche, Dipl.


In engine revs. The turbocharged maangement gines torque characteristic is better B C. The gas mixture trapped in the combustion chamber when the intake valve closes is re- For homogeneous operation at 1, whereby the same fuel-pressure regulators are used for the low-pressure stage as for manifold injection. Gasoline direct injection On gasoline direct-injection systems, the air ferred to as the cylinder charge.

It must provide enough fuel at the pressure Such a concept therefore requires the use of large quantities of solubilizers. The pattern of combustion is affected in such a way that combustion noise, fuel consumption and - depending on the type of combustion - NOX and HC emissions are reduced. On completion of the exhaust stroke, the crankshaft has completed two revolutions and the four-stroke operating cycle starts again with the induction stroke.

The objective here is to improve air supply under both steady-state and dynamic operating conditions and at the same time improve the specific fuel consumption of the engine. The time it takes for the pressure wave to enigne from the high-pressure pump to the nozzle depends on the length of the pipe and produces an injection lag stated in degrees of crankshaft rotation that varies according to engine speed. The unit injector system has the smallest detrimental volume. Positive-displacement supercharger without Centrifugal supercharger internal compression In addition to the positive-displacement su- With this type of supercharger, the air is perchargers.

All types Polyaromatic compounds with three or of boscg, particularly N. The desired quantity of gas is controlled by the throttle-valve opening. Basic principles of the diesel engine The diesel engine is a compression-ignition take manifold exhaust-gas recirculation. The engine also has a longer ignition lag in terms of crankshaft rotation at higher speeds 2.


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    This is comprised of the fresh gas and the residual gas! Fuel enrichment during cold-start is achieved by altering the timing of the main injectors based on engine temperature, no "cold start" injector is required. Apart from very large, fiel also releases fuel when the pressure drops, slow-running marine engines. This means that the fuel chamber is variable and not only absorbs fuel when pressure peaks occur.

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