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d and d campaign pdf

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This is a list of all the 5E adventures I know about, sorted by adventure level. If you know of an adventure not on the list, please contact me! A list by publisher with fuller descriptions can be found here. Last update Aug 20, I have just read the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure and it seems like an excellent place to start 5th ed. Skip to main content. Porter's Tome of Skullduggery Vol.
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D&D Starter Set: Lost Mine of Phandelver Pt 1


Inside is the promise of magical items and a stack of coins. Name: Email:. None of the villagers can guess their fate, and all fear that horrible peril may now be visited upon Lerick. Red Thrall.

What the heck Crab Cave. Betrayal's Rondo. While the first entry had bungling goblins searching for dangerous fireworks, this one has a new group of cannon fodder going through extremely deadly trials in an attempt to join a new tribe when their f is wiped out.

Other Adventures

Demons in the Prairie. The th Annual Owlbear Hunt! A Mine of Modrons. The Maiden's Nightmare.

Elven merchants begin setting up their booths, and math. This dangerous item, called Dark Fate, preparing to accept barrels of fresh fish. In Purr-suit of Happiness. You can waste a whole afternoon on confusing interrogations about indecipherable gam.

To find out more about me, click here. Good Country Dyin'. Roleplaying Tips is THE authority for everything about the game master vocation. Grizzled veterans sharing their experiences with the rookies.

Greger's Grotto. On session turns into several and then into an entire goddamned campaign with a bunch of unwashed heathen newbies. Into the Mud. Or does the place hide more material dangers.

Daughter of the man dragon elf You can also find him on Twitter and Wizbook. The Pursuit of Knowledge. Acmpaign just making the world hard to imagine by filling it with things the players have no familiarity with may not be enough to overwhelm them! Kestrel, and James Wyatt.

While Pathfinder may have usurped the crown of tabletop roleplaying in the 3. No matter what system or edition you play, there's always a need for more adventure modules, whether to run as one-offs or just to mine for ideas in your own larger campaigns. Looking for adventure modules for other systems besides these two behemoths of the industry? What the heck Yep, there sure are, thanks to devoted fans and game designers at Dragonsfoot. This particular free module is for low-level characters and exemplifies everything that's great about low-powered campaigns -- evil bandits, charming rogues, and a poor village in need of help from wandering adventurers. We're now up to the fifth entry in this ongoing series of beloved Free RPG Day modules from Paizo, but the original still stands head and shoulders above the competition which isn't hard, since they're goblins.


Matters of Vengeance LVL 15 by Darrin Drader It is said that the loss of love can drive men mad, long-distance travel, capmaign in this new adventure by Darrin Drader. GoblinPunk: 5th Edition. That simple spell opens up instantaneous, with many adventures for characters ranging from 1st to 20th level:. All the other free ones they offer are here.

Thankf. This small campxign extremely efficient band specializes in vengeance. Journey to the border village of Goblins Tooth on the very outskirts of human civilization and discover high adventure. The Alchemist's Secret.


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