Sql server 2012 dba interview questions and answers pdf

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sql server 2012 dba interview questions and answers pdf

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Start your free trial. There are very few things in the IT realm that cover as much territory as databases. Before the web, and more specifically before the advent of dynamic programming languages, these immense collections of data were the exclusive territory of the deep down programmers — rulers of their vast domain of cells and tables. As time progressed, however, more and more methods of accessing data and then displaying it in a way that was not hard coded became easier to understand and manipulate. Today, it is now possible for a user with no knowledge of database programming to create a database-driven website in under 3 minutes I timed it , and manipulate it easier than it is to get around in the newer versions of a word processor that shall remain nameless. Therefore, the role of the Database Administrator DBA is one that truly has a huge variety of skill sets in it, especially since so many organizations have their own particular slants on things.
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SQL DBA Interview Questions & Answers - Migration strategy For SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012

Top 50 SQL Server Interview Questions & Answers

Bear in mind there are other methods for storing and accessing files in a database server, then see if the error comes back. They do not provide much flexibility. How do you rebuild master database. The resolution is to start the service, these two are merely the most common.

What is Synchronous and asynchronous function. Date uploaded May 24, Sql Dba Practice Test. What is IO Affinity.

How would you serveer the information about them. What is the difference between an Update and Exclusive lock. Video Answer What are the important points you consider before coming up with Backup strategy. How would you enable CDC on a Database!

What is the latest service pack available in sql server. Report this Document. What is CDC! What are the two authentication modes in SQL Server.

What are the two authentication modes in SQL Server?
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SQL DBA Related Tutorials

This is not matter if you are a fresher or Experienced DBA , these questions for all, From very simple to very complex. And Soon we come with answers as. What are the properties of the relational tables? What is Normalization? What is De-Normalization? What is Self Join?


Question 2. Pls answesr all PDF to theravs gmail. How do we use DBCC commands. Answer : There are many ways but I prefer following method.

How would you relate File groups with Partitioned Table. And under what circumstances do we schedule replication. How to Configure existing standalone sql server servdr instance if Machine names changes. How to add a resource in existing cluster.


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