The happy prince questions and answers pdf

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the happy prince questions and answers pdf

Xam Idea Class 9 English Solutions PDF The Happy Prince - Oscar Wilde

Absolutely free. Chapter-5 English Language and Literature. Lesson Name-The Happy Prince. Introduction of the lesson- The Happy Prince. The Happy Prince was a beautiful statue.
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The Happy Prince By Oscar Wilde - Question and Answers

It is most famous for its title story, "The Happy Prince". Comprehension - Answer the questions. Give complete answers. 1. Where was Oscar Wilde born?

The Happy Prince Questions and Answers

Long Answer Type Questions 4 marks each About words. Describe the statue of the Happy Prince as depicted at the beginning of the story. It is about the inner or real happiness of the prince at questiojs cost of his out happiness. The next morning, the city Mayor passed that way and saw the statue that was looking very ugly.

The two most precious things in the city were the Happy Prince and the swallow. He helps the playwright and the match girl too. He wanted to send one of the sapphires of his eyes to the young man! On seeing the sapphire, the young man felt appreciated and believed that he could pdt his play.

The Happy Prince (Oscar Wilde). 10th Class PSEB Examination-Style Questions And Answers. Short-Answer Type Textual Questions (
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NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5 The Happy Prince

These solutions for The Happy Prince are extremely popular among Class 9 students for English The Happy Prince Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. Is he really happy? What does he see all around him? When he was alive, he did not know what tears were for he lived in a palace where sorrow was not allowed to enter. However, when he died and was made into a statue, he was not happy and tears flowed down his eyes on seeing the state of his city. He could see all the misery and ugliness of the city around him.

The swallow was to fly away to Egypt! It was pulled down. Now he was blind. He sent one sapphire each to the young man and the match girl! How did the little swallow feel when he saw the eyes of Happy Prince were filled with tears.

There's another theme I lope that you remmber them please for example the theme appearence and reality ,child labor………… etc. Very interesting information, keep on sharing. It's very hard to be a good writer. First of all, one must be very skillful and educated. Is he really happy? What does he see all around him?


Instead of thinking about the disappearance of the prince assets and what has made the statue so shabby above how has the bird died, he makes proclamations without any rationale. C tears. He would faithfully follow all the orders of the Prince and carry the gold leaves from the statue and give them to the needy. She only gave him water princs drink.

It flew into the dark lanes and saw the white faces of starving children. Answer: The swallow saw all categories of people. What did the swallow observe when he flew over the city. True happiness is found only in making others happy.


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