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saul kripke naming and necessity pdf

Naming and Necessity - PDF Free Download

Naming and Necessity is a book with the transcript of three lectures, given by the philosopher Saul Kripke , at Princeton University in , in which he dealt with the debates of proper names in the philosophy of language. Language is a primary concern of analytic philosophers , particularly the use of language to express concepts and to refer to individuals. In Naming and Necessity , Kripke considers several questions that are important within analytic philosophy:. Kripke's three lectures constitute an attack on descriptivist theories of proper names. According to descriptivist theories, proper names either are synonymous with descriptions, or have their reference determined by virtue of the name's being associated with a description or cluster of descriptions that an object uniquely satisfies. Kripke rejects both these kinds of descriptivism.
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Kripke on Rigid Designators

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I would suggest you read all of Lecture I for this meeting, but we will focus on pp. You do not need to read the Preface, which considers some objections that were made after the lectures were originally published. Hale and C. Wright, eds. I'd suggest writing, just for yourself, a couple sentences about each of these. We will focus on the first two for this meeting.


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    Naming and Necessity - Wikipedia

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    Kripke Naming and | A Priori And A Posteriori | Propositional Attitudes

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    Dominant solutions in the spirit of Russell and Tarski had proposed that for a sentence to be meaningful it cannot refer to itself. The terms 'one meter', it may be hard to say which items constitute the original sample, and other examples will be given later in these lectures. Sometimes this is ,'pistemological way and sau ther. For example.

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