Electrician questions and answers pdf

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electrician questions and answers pdf

Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers

You can take help from diploma books,best to solve 20 years Engineering Services questions papers because mostly questions have asked from these in previous exam. Also i am making a book specially for PSUs exam by which candidate will be able crack any PSUs exam,but it will be take some times. Thank you Sir…. For posting electrical objective type question papers…. It will helping a lot. Please upload problematic questions also.. I hope u will provide it for us.
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The Basic of Electrical Engineering !! Important Mcq Questions !! Part 2

Below are the list of all Electrical Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for EEE students.​ also we can provide Electrical objective questions books & Interview questions.​ Dear Electrical students, We provide Basic Electrical Engineering multiple choice questions and.


Ravi kiran December 20, A Journeyman electrician has extensive knowledge of various electrical fields and can work unsupervised. A capacitor consists of a two insulators separated by a conductor b two conductors separated by an insulator c two insulators only d two conductors only Ans: b Sir it is very useful to me!

RLC Circuits and Resonance If the speed of a D. If it is possible to send this good material of electrical mcqs than send me on pchirag gmail. Electrician Assistant Interview Questions.

You can take help from diploma books,best to solve 20 years Engineering Services questions papers because mostly questions have asked.
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Electricia please kindly send me all the related electrical materials. You have no Q resistor but have several Q ones which you would connect a two in parallel b two in parallel and one in series c three in parallel d three in series An open resistor, when checked with an ohm-meter reads a zero b infinite c high but within tolerance d low but not zero Ans: b An exciter for a turbo generator is a a separately excited generator.

Which of the following is incorrect. Network Theorems 3. C-motor MCQ-of-D. AC Machine Winding 9.

Excellent eelctrician. Ans : 1 Battery, 2 Generator and 3 Thermocouple. Welding Technology Interview Questions. Dielectric strength of a material depends on a moisture content b temperature c thickness d all of the above e none of the above Ans: d .

For testing appliances, the capacitance of the cable will become a one half 6 double c four times d none of the above Ans: a, 6 Cinema pro. If the insulation is replaced by one of relative permittivity 2. Best Regards.

What is electricity? Ans : Electricity is a general term used for all phenomena caused by electric charge whether static or in motion. Ans : There are two types, 1 static Electricity and 2 Current Electricity. Ans : Static electricity means electricity at rest in contradistinction to dynamic or current electricity the effects of which are purely due to the electrostatic field produced by the charge. As it is obtained by rubbing two substance such as glass and silk it is also called frictional electricity. Ans : Current electricity means the electricity in motion the effects of which are due to the flow of electrons in a conductor.

It used to be an Insurance Industry organization, or the wrong size fuse being installed. Persons preparing electrolyte should wear a goggles or other face shield b rubber c rubber boots and gloves d all above safety ekectrician Ans: d This is usually due to the fuse being loosely screwed in, all other quantities ar. In the D. If the number of turns is increased to tur.

Electrical Engineering Questions with Answers pdf :- 1. Current Electricity 2. Network Theorems 3. Electrostatics 4. Magnetism and Electromagnetism Engineering Questions. Magnetic Circuit Engineering Questions… 6.


For constant torque drive which speed control method is preferred. Nice questions sir. Nayyar Muhammad. Branch, Loop and Node Analyses.

Ok Raghu i will send you All Electrical engineering questions and answers. That is awesome? Looking for job! Much more than documents?


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    Cables for kV lines are invariably a mica insulated b paper insulated c compressed oil or compressed gas insulated d rubber insulated e none of the above Ans: c Check with your local electrical inspector. Capacity of dry cells is a more when it is supplying current for intermittent periods b more when it is supplying current for continuous periods c unaffected by the type of discharge d none of the above Ans: a Dear Sir plz send me all topics of electrical engineering in pdf format i am preparing for mahatransco my email id is surajk gmail.

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