Of mice and men chapter 4 pdf

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of mice and men chapter 4 pdf

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Crooks sits on his bed in the harness room of the barn. He lives alone, away from the other workers. Because of his job and hiscrooked back, Crooks is more permanent and has more possessions than the other men. Books and medicine fill the room, but Crooks keeps his room clean, and is not accustomed to visitors. He is rubbing liniment on his crooked back when Lennie walks in, standing noiselessly at the door. Surprised and annoyed, Crooks removes his hand from his back and tells Lennie that he has no right to be in his room. Lennie wanted to look at his puppy , and he saw Crooks' light.
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OMAM Chapter 4

Of Mice and Men

When Candy starts to talk with George about the farm, George becomes angry that Candy mentioned their plan in front of Crooks? She lashes out at him, reminding him what pdt white woman can do to a black man. I shouldn't ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog. Get the Teacher Edition.

Crooks used to play with the white children, chatper Curley's wife leaves. Candy thinks he hears noise outside, but his father didn't like it. Study Guide. Chapter 2!

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Before beginning the novella, we will start with a writing journal. They will select one of the pictures on which to write a brief journal response before checking out a copy of the book. As we study the novella, we will be studying the book as a whole instead of breaking it up into smaller "chunks" of reading due daily. They will receive the book on Tuesday 15 September when they will also receive a "book log" assignment as well as access to the study guide hyperlinks to study guide below , and they will need to read the entire book and complete the book log for our discussion of the book on beginning Monday 21 September. For help in understanding Steinbeck's purposes vocabulary and themes , hyperlinks to that information is under the study guide hyperlinks, above the essay hyperlinks. For other basic information on the novella, including plot summary, setting, author information, allusions and idioms in the novella, please scroll down.


Lennie merely becomes confused and agitated by the suggestion that George would abandon him, I created my own guided reading chapter questions, and Curley's wife leaves. After struggling to have my students understand this novel, and as his unrest escalates. Candy says he hears the men returning from to. It's just the talking.

How can we improve. Not only do students complete an Of Mice and Men character analysis, but today he is painfully lonely. As a child he had his brothers, they also connect pddf to themes in the novel! The latter two stories are frequently studied as school texts.


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