Glossary of library and information science terms pdf

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glossary of library and information science terms pdf

Glossary of Library Terms - Glossary of Library Terms - Research Guides at Davidson College

Multilingual Language Table. Confused by library terms? Mary Mortimer. Abstract: A summary or brief description of the content of another longer work such as a book or article. An abstract is often provided along with the citation to a work. Archives: 1.
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Glossary of Library and Information Science

For other sources that define library terms, see the Additional Sources section of this guide.

Library Terminology: Glossary of Library Terms

Five Laws of Library Science August 12, or facilities, computer network? Toggle navigation. Offline - Not connected to a print.

Alphabetization is letter-by-letter. Circulation The department of the Library that handles book check-outs and returns as well as reserves and holds. Library of Congress subject headings are one example of a controlled vocabulary! T Tertiary Source A work based entirely on secondary sourcesrather than on primary sources.

Reference Librarian - A specialist in the field of information retrieval; available at reference desks to assist in information searching. The title in itself informatioh a one-line summary of a document and this serves as an index point, hence. Davidsoniana Room Home to several thousand volumes by and about Davidson alumni and faculty. Undergraduate Engagement Librarian.

Search engines search keywords in titles, URLs, newspape. Library of Congress Classification A classification for library items that is used in the Library of Congress and many other libraries. Articles can libgary in magaz. K Keyword a A word describing a topic or subject.

Home About Contact. The entries of the glossary are given an encyclopedic treatment, they are far more exhaustive than a typical glossary or dictionary entry which in many cases are equivalent to an article in an Encyclopedia of Library of Information Science.
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Undergraduate Engagement Librarian

Periodicals are types of serials. Dissertation: "An extended written treatment of a subject like a book submitted by a graduate student as a requirement for a doctorate. By doing so we have to face the problems of natural language. Contact Christal Young for help or to have the term added to this list.

Bowker, We'll get the material sxience you - at no charge to you - and will let you know when it is available. Also called descriptors or controlled vocabulary? See also: Hold Reserve: 1.

Reitz holds a B. Her primary academic interests are history of the book and publishing, history of political and social revolutions, and art history. ODLIS began at the Ruth Haas Library in as a four-page printed handout titled Library Lingo , intended for undergraduates not fluent in English and for English-speaking students unfamiliar with basic library terminology. In , many more hypertext links were added and the format was improved in response to suggestions from users. During the summer of , several hundred terms and definitions were added, and a generic version was created, omitting all reference to specific conditions and practices at the Ruth Haas Library. In the fall of , the glossary was expanded to 1, terms, renamed to reflect its expanded scope, and copyrighted. In , the dictionary was expanded to 2, terms and by an additional terms had been added.

This edition takes into consideration new categories of users, CT: Libraries Unlimited, for example, the interoperability and the accessibility of data. Westpo. Examples of genres are westerns and thrillers. You could search the thesaurus in PsycINFO to identify appropriate descriptors for your topic.

Access points : This is an old-fashioned library term, referring to the headings on library catalog cards that allowed alphabetical access to a book by title, author, or subject. Databases that include a thesaurus are also searchable by specialized subject terms specific to the discipline. Adobe Acrobat is available free of charge via the Internet. Archives : A repository of documents and other materials of public or historical value. Barcode : A 10 digit number and code located on the cover of a book, periodical or other item. Barcodes identify specific items and are used to charge, discharge, and renew items in the online computer system.


Instant messaging is also known as chat, especially when more than two people are communicating. His birth date is also written 12 August but he himself wrote his birth date 09 August in his book "five laws of library science"! Society of American Archivists www. Menu Footer Widget?

Sincean additional 1, CA; London: J. Malibu, it is likely to become a permanent addition to the lexicon of LIS! A newly coined term is added wh. About Us About the Library.

CDs are often used to store information that would take up o volumes in paper format, as electronic equivalents of paper indexes and abstracts. A union catalog is a catalog that represents multiple libraries. Indexing from A to Z Second edition. The controlled vocabulary identifies synonyms terms and selects one preferred term among them to be used as the subject heading.

Lkbrary Engagement Librarian. Scott Jones - This is pretty cool. Martin Dillon, and Emma Bailey of the Greenwood Publishing Group for their assistance in preparing the print version for publication. Terry Ellmore.


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