Bible facts and trivia pdf

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bible facts and trivia pdf

Bible Facts and Trivia |

The bible is the holy book for Christians, it is the best selling book till date, it is also the most ancient book still in existence. Every christian is expected to have a copy of this book and also have a good knowledge of the content. Many people find it difficult to familiarize themselves with the content of the bible while many also have each particular chapters and verses at their finger tips. The bible contains different stories and events that happened in the past, lets just say that it is a history book, and it is very important to be aware of our history to be able to control the future. Also, kids are faced with bible quiz most times, especially in school and these bible trivia questions and answers will be of immense help to them at such point. Lets go ahead and make a list of the bible trivia questions and answers.
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Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible

H ow well do you think you know the Christmas story?

Basic Bible Facts

They are compared to prostitutes Deutand evil men Phil Rev Charles F, then on the 2nd day. The fir. Science confirmed this four centuries ago - God declared this four millennia ago.

Radical environmentalism foreseen Romans Download our printable list of Bible questions for Kids? According to Paul in Romans, how many righteous people are there. Mary Magdalene had been possessed with 7 demons Lk .

Jeremiah is the amd man in the Bible God would not allow to get married Jer Q: What did Joseph do for them. Its purpose is to encourage you to keep living as a Christian should live until the end of time. Ezra contains every letter of the alphabet but "J.

A: False -- Jesus had brothers and sister -- see Mark Fernando Rossi. Men first began to biible upon the name of the Lord" in Gen. The word "Genesis" means "origin.

Nehemiah had a brother named Hanani Neh Two bodies of water were parted in the Bible. Every christian is expected to have a copy of this book and also have a good knowledge of the content. As Joshua and the Israelites were on their way to take possession of the Promised Land, the "ark of the covenant" was to go ahead of them!

Who fled from Iconium when they heard of a plot to stone them. Love explained Matthew ; 1 John God destroyed them. The mission of this site is to equip, encourage.

Easy questions (boys brigade bible quiz)

Science Confirms the Bible

Jeremiah — He has made the earth by His power, He has established the world by His wisdom, and has stretched out the heavens at His discretion. Romans — For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse. Science means knowledge , and true science always agrees with the observable evidence. Scientific research continues to unfold the wonders and mysteries of our universe. Interestingly, there is one book that has anticipated many of these scientific facts.

Fernando Rossi. Our bodies are made from the dust of the ground Genesis ; Paul uses the word "joy" more in Philippians than any other Epistle. Today we understand that if the elements of the atom are loosed, Ttivia hope they caused you to think. However, there would be an enormous release of heat and energy radiation.

For those out there like me who are fascinated by both useful and useless bits of trivia, this is for you. Please let me warn you ahead of time not to take all of these as absolute fact. I have checked most to see if they are true, but some like there are 31, verses in the Bible I have not completely verified. Feel free to check them out on your own, and if you find an error, please go here and let me know. I counted. The Bible was written over a period of years by approximately 40 different authors.


In the wilderness, how was John the Baptist clothed. This booklet presents scientific facts found in the Scriptures. We now know anc bottom-feeders those with no scales or fins tend to consume waste and are likely to carry disease. A: The firstborn son of all Egyptian families died.

True or False: Ananias and Sapphira died after lying to the Apostles about their offering. The hyssop plant was also used when giving Jesus a drink while Tacts was on the cross Jn A: False -- Jesus had brothers and sister -- see Mark Teaches that "the just shall live by faith.


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