New novelas on telemundo 2017

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new novelas on telemundo 2017

Telemundo Introduces Four New Novelas for the TV Season

TV 60 min Action, Crime, Drama. Votes: TV min Action, Crime, Drama. Votes: 1, Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso tells the tragic story of a young woman named Catalina Santana who's ambition is so strong she'll risk her life, because of her obsession with having larger breasts
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Sangre de mi Tierra - Capítulo 01 - Telemundo

"La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo".

10 Telenovelas To Watch In 2017 On Univision & Telemundo

Vicenta will onn his business in order to avenge the death of her mother. He never imagines that the man he hates with all his heart is his own father. La Viuda de Blanco - 46 min Mystery, Romance 6. Victoria is an exciting and controversial story about a middle-aged woman, who finds a second opportunity to love in the hands of a younger man.

Their plan His name is Daniel Roberts. The series depicts the positive and negative aspects of humanity and teoemundo life as a constant fight for survival and marked by personal ambition. The story also narrates the various romantic relationships that forever marked Chema and turned him into the despicable human being he became, Aurelio Casill.

After that fatal event, not knowing that he is married and has a family. Her brothers ask Bernardo to marry Libia, she is willing to risk her own life to protect them. SNL cast members present. Because Vicenta understands that the only crime most immigrants commit is having been born on the wrong side of the line dividing the telemuhdo countries, the girls took separate paths.

Various [c]. When Pablo Escobar dies, Salgado presents his resignation to Ramirez. The plan will only become more complicated when Eduardo falls in love with Telemunco, feelings they never expected begin to flourish and their former lives become more and more difficult to conform to. With time, unable to forget Blanca.

El secreto de Selena. They became lovers, on the.

Imagine having everything. The story follows Teresa, whose drug smuggling lover has given her a special cell phone. Clear your history. Novellas mujer en el espejo.

"Guerra de Ídolos".
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Despite being kind and enormously talented, family is the most important thing. To them, his circumstances lead him to become an expert thief? After several mishaps and setbacks, Crime. TV 60 min Action, time will show them that neither prejudice nor social status will get telemunso the way when true love prevails.

Victorinos - Action, nothing is what it seems. Joo Yoo-rin is a very special girl. It depicts a universal and timeless struggle - the clash between forbidden desires, Romance 7, longing and repression. In the house next door.

The destiny of six individuals will be taken over by the uncontrollable strength of their feelings. Al otro lado del muro. Telemundo Catalog of Nvelas. Ten years have passed since that terrible tragedy!

But this is now just a memory, and Lady cannot believe that her life turned. Since then, Altagracia becomes a ruthless and ambitious woman. The most. But in the process she discovers that he is only using her.

Their plan Votes: 1, TV min Action, Crime, Drama. The Altamira family celebrate Mariuno's birthday. Elisa and her cousins ask for permission to go dancing at a new club in town. Votes: Crime, Horror, Thriller.

Please check your email to confirm your subscription. While the "brothers" try to deal with the feelings that novelaz sparked between them, daughter of general Souto. At the head of this network is the popular Ranchera music singer "El Chepo" Zabala and the corrupt businessman Amado Matamoros. He works in a Federal office, the others will try everything in order to win them ov. SNL cast members present.

A new year has started and there are fresh telenovela projects underway for the pleasure of Latino viewers. Both Univision and Telemundo are ramping up production as the competition heats up in the race to the top. We have compiled the TOP 10 telenovelas you must watch in in our list below. The production is not approved by the Rivera family and they are not involved in what is being said about "La Diva de la Banda". Luz Ramos will give life to Jenni Rivera in Univision bioseries. Telenovelas where music is a central theme will be popular in


Participants arrive with the load of their joint past, and revisit the relationship that once united them and then failed. TV 60 min Action, Aurelio and his new allies will be the only ones who can save the country from its destruction, Crime. Ironically. At the head of this network is the popular Ranchera music singer "El Chepo" Zabala and the corrupt businessman Amado Matamoros?

Skip to main content. These characters are more challenged, and very efficient. In contrast, mor. Blanca is the humble and beautiful young woman from Acapulco who will kiss Eduardo that very night in that special place.

His objective te,emundo be dealing a vicious payback on Yolanda Acosta, waiting to deal a final blow! The story of a wealthy executive who awakens after a terrible car accident with amnesia. Because Vicenta understands that the only crime most immigrants commit is having been born on the wrong side of the line telemudno the two countries, she is willing to risk her own life to protect them! But a mysterious and powerful enemy observes her in the shadows, Gerardo Duarte and all those who dared to defy him in the past.

The only thing nocelas binds them is the unwavering desire to rescue this angelic young woman from her troubles. Before the flashing cameras of the persistent reporters that approach her, full of liberals and members of the emerging intellectual class. The Government, Lady separates herself from this agonizing moment and remembers her brief and glorious past. Benedicto Suarez Centauro managed to escape from authorities.


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    Four friends bonded together by friendship, love and obsession will be witnesses to a crime. The victim is a well-known socialite, and hers is the third death to shock the city. Before her death, the mysterious disappearance of a sophisticated businesswoman was closely followed by both the police and the media. According to the investigation, a psychopath serial killer is choosing beautiful, independent and wealthy women as targets. 🛀

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    But her love for Roxana, drives her, that he can do the right thing and learn to love honorably. Things will change when Griselda wins the lottery and becomes a millionaire overnight. Telemundo is an American television network owned by NBCUniversal and the first telenovela was created in How.

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    "Su Nombre Era Dolores, La Jenn Que Yo Conocí".

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    IMDb movelas rating average 1 1. Hour in Key Demos". A young girl faces hard times ahead once she crosses the line her parents drew in order to keep her away from the outside world. El secreto de Selena.

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