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Jamie Oliver's Three Pro Methods For Perfect Scrambled Eggs | HuffPost Life

Scrambled eggs may be one of the easiest things in the world to make, BUT it's one of the most difficult dishes to perfect. To strengthen our skills, we turned to two great chefs: Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. Gordon's technique is extremely unconventional at least compared to how most Americans make their eggs on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He doesn't whisk the eggs first, uses a saucepan, continuously takes the eggs off the heat, and seasons at the very end. Jamie has three different ways to scramble eggs: English, French, and American. His English style is somewhat similar to Gordon's in that he uses a saucepan though he whisks and seasons beforehand.
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How to Boil an Egg! 🥚 - Jamie Oliver

Gordon Ramsay Vs. Jamie Oliver: Whose Scrambled Eggs Are Better?

Let's call a spade a spade. Author : Savory Sweet Life. That's breakfast basically transformed, please support us by recommending and sharing it with others in your social networks. If you've enjoyed this free recipe or postright there.

In The Know. If you eat them often enough, they'll recile from appetizing to boring in record time. It really is all about not overcooking it, not adding seasoning too soon. His scrambled eggs literally melt in your mouth.

Gordon Ramsay

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Servings : 1. Popular condiments served with scrambled eggs include ketchupand Worcestershire sauce, is scraping coagulated egg off the pan. Recipe Rating Notify me of follow-up comments by email. All it is!


  1. Facunda B. says:

    Scrolling through Facebook last night there was a Gordon Ramsay eggs video story on my feed about Jamie Oliver vs. Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs and who made it better. I have this weird history with scrambled eggs because everyone eats them, but most people never make them right. To understand how strongly I feel about this, I included a recipe in my cookbook on how to scramble eggs correctly because as simple as this may seem, to make soft, melt in your mouth scrambled eggs there are some basic principles a cook needs to adhere especially in the art of not overcooking eggs. 🤠

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