Best coconut rice recipe rice cooker

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best coconut rice recipe rice cooker

Coconut Rice - TIGER CORPORATION U.S.A. | Rice Cookers, Small kitchen electronics

April 10, 98 Comments. Coconut flavours are the prevailant ingredient in almost every Thai or South Asian entree. And almost every Thai entree is served with a bowl of long-grained Jasmine rice. But sometimes plain Jasmine rice is just not enough. Once you try easy coconut rice, you will see how quickly it will turn into the option of choice. You will want to scoop out a spoonful of this stuff and try it right there, uncooked and all. But when coconut is presented in a recipe the form of coconut milk, cream or oil, I fall in love.
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Philips Grain Master - How to make Coconut Rice with Rice Cooker

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Coconut Rice (fluffy, not gluey!)

This sounds delicious! My rice did not need 40 minutes to reach fluffiness, so pay attention. I also added coconut flakes to the pot of rice before cooking and it was quite good. I made this for dinner exactly as written and it turned out great.

I also added coconut flakes to the pot of rice before cooking and it was quite good! I love that you can just make a huge besg and use it all week long since it reheats so well. Rice, Side. I LOVE coconut.

How to rinse rice I find it easiest to rinse rice in a bowl. I have never tried making in the rice cooker. Thank you for posting this recipe with two versions. Sign me covonut for weekly updates.

Dinner was a huge hit. Sounds delicious! I did not get caramelized pieces in the rice but I also didn't follow the directions. I made this as per the recipe and it was delicious.

My new favorite rice. I never knew that. Please visit this page to troubleshoot. I believe I could make a meal out of only this.

Came out perfect. Normally, I religiously follow the 1 : 1! Course: Side Dish! Preparation Rinse rice in a large bowl with cocont water until water runs clear.

If you can only find regular coconut milk, buy 2 cans and use the thick cream that's floating at the top.
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Thai Coconut Rice Recipe ข้าวมัน - Hot Thai Kitchen!

Need an easy weeknight side dish idea? This simple coconut milk rice recipe is a total family favorite. Let me introduce you to what is probably the single most-often-prepared side in my kitchen: coconut milk rice! Hands down, it was the dish that I missed the most when we did a Whole Coconut rice is an ideal meal prep recipe. We like it both hot and cold, and it keeps well in the refrigerator for up to a week, though it rarely lasts that long around here. I make a big batch at least once a week in my rice cooker.

It is going to aid me when I research Coconut Milk at the grocery store. Right now, i could eat this all on its. Cancel Print. Basmati is also a good substitute. Remove from heat let rest covered 15 minutes.

Fluffy coconut rice alluded me for years. This is super fluffy, none of the gluey coconut milk scum on the surface. Just like you get at restaurants! Truly fluffy coconut rice alluded me for years. I find it easiest to rinse rice in a bowl.


Thank you. It feels like it would end up soupy bets an extra I fell like it gets so boring. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment.

Drain rice then soak in water for 15 minutes. The great thing about this rice recipe is that it only requires a few basic ingredients you can keep in the pantry so you can make it anytime. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. Drain just pour the water out best you can, no need to use a colander?


  1. Enstattextworl says:

    How to Make Coconut Rice | The View from Great Island

  2. Logan H. says:

    Yup, you literally just put everything in the pot and let it do its thing. Once you try this you may not want plain white rice anymore. This sounds great. I also love that you use coconut water instead of tap to enhance the taste?

  3. Chancosime1980 says:

    I saw this recipe and thought it would make an interesting dessert with some ripe,juicy mango. What to serve this with Coconut rice is a rice dish that is used in cuisines such as Caribbean, Tropical Hawaiian. Everyone loved it. This sounds fantastic.

  4. Gualberto G. says:

    NOTE: Two cups of water are listed in the recipe's instructions but not rcipe ingredients; be sure to add this. I am making peanut chicken this week, this might be a nice rice option to go with. Got to try it with sugar and Cilantro when I make it next. Instructions Place jasmine rice in a fine mesh sieve and rinse under cold water until water runs clean.

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