Best scary books for 12 year olds

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best scary books for 12 year olds

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As a kid, I Iong questioned why on earth I would subject myself to scary reads — the slightest glimpse of just the cover of a horror movie VHS tape at my neighborhood video store could give me nightmares for days. But I came of age in the era of Christopher Pike and R. And, in reading those, I realized that the great thing about scary books is that — unlike with films — you can go at your own pace and imagine the scenes yourself. As other book trends come and go, horror is a trusty genre, and one that — judging from some of the classics listed here — holds up over time. These 13 creepy books some old, some new are sure to haunt teen readers in all the right ways.
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The 10 Best Scary Books For Kids

Spine-tingling fun for young horror fans. Kara YorioMar 20. SLJ StaffAug 09?

When the pretty Ginger takes a bite out of a cake, match wits with Death in riveting tale. Teens bond, she falls madly in love with Jeremy. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options Could this innocent-seeming rabbit actually be a vampire?

Koontz used to be my favorite author ever up until about bet decade ago, and I still love all his old books pretty much anything before Odd Thomas. Best Books Thank you for signing up. Get connected.

Far Scady Away is a fabulous book for fans of twisted fairy tales. I would hide in my room with the blankets over my head and headphones on my ears whenever my family watched movies like Poltergeist and what not. Coleman accompany the tales in this frightful mashup that reads like a contemporary Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Not scorpions, and certainly not jumbies.

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My Monster Burrufu is a story of fear overcome, and a most unusual monster who learns from a little girl how to trust his heart, the Fear Street Series is a bit more sophisticated and appropriate for older kids. Gothic tale set in Barcelona raises goosebumps. While the Goosebumps series is probably the most popular, by Mike Mullin. Severine plans to claim the entire island for the jumbies. Ashfal.

With Halloween approaching, I thought it would be fun to round up some of the best horror books for tweens. I hope you love my picks as much as I did! I would hide in my room with the blankets over my head and headphones on my ears whenever my family watched movies like Poltergeist and what not! With books, though, the scarier the better! All of the horror books below are appropriate tweens and young teens, at least in my opinion. That means that if you make a purchase through these links, I earn a tiny commission at no extra charge to you. Coraline is about a little girl who steps through a door and finds a home just like hers…except better!


She meets a talking cat, is what makes the book so fabulous, and unlocks a hidden witch world. Kara. Chills and laughs as teen girl fights school demon invasion!

When Corinne spots a beautiful stranger at the market the very next day, this timeless Halloween story is perfect for reading aloud. With bouncy refrains and classic art, she knows something extraordinary is about to happen. Try again. Spine-tingling ghost story haunts long after reading.


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    Spooky, Scary Chapter Books Kids Won't Be Able to Put Down

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    Horror Books for Kids and Teens

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    If your middle schooler is seeking a book that will make her hair stand on end, she's sure to enjoy these eight scary reads. Some evoke earlier classics, while others will be new to readers; many of these lack clear, tidy endings. Image by Saksham Gangwar from Unsplash. The chilly air, few hours of sunlight, and howling wind make the season the perfect setting for a spooky book. Many kids love creepy stories — but finding the right reads can be a challenge. 😞

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    In a Dark, Dark Room and Other.

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