Best ube cake recipe ever

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best ube cake recipe ever

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A staple in any Filipino celebration. Looking for cupcakes? Check out this recipe for delicious ube cupcakes frosted with ube whipped cream. Want ube but not in the mood for cake? Ube or purple yam is not unique to the Philippines but it is definitely a national favourite.
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UBE Cotton Cheese Cake Michael Lim US Measurements

Heavenly Ube Cake Recipe from the Philippines

Alyssa Day September 20, Ilynn! Thank you for that, pm. I actually had baked each individually for 30 mins at Your Email.

I made this cake and loved it. The cake was light and moist without the overwhelming artificial ube flavor! I now enjoy being a full time housewife as i get the chance to enhance and improve my gifts. Please send some pieces to me.

Ube Macapuno Cake Ingredients

There are some ube cakes for any family, in any mood, for any holiday or season. Just choose your favorite taste of cream or filling: buttercream, jam, powder, caramel, candy. This version of sweet cakes or cupcakes is the one love for Filipinos. Simple ube cake recipe is best for christmas due to its delicious chiffon texture and cookie crust, which creates rainbow of flavours. Another name of it is purple filipino cake. I have this recipe from a college friend, who now has her own baking store and this purple yam cake is one of her staple house dishes.

While you can easily whip up a batch of cookies when the craving hits-which is often -and pies are always fun to make, which is quite delicate and does require practice to perfect. Just wanted to ask about the grated purple yam frozen that you buy in Asian stores The cake base is chiffon. Next Post Next post: coconut curried chickpeas with wilted greens. One is coarsely ground and needs to be reconstituted which is why your cake may have been dry but the other kind is finely ground like flour which is what we used for the cake.

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Whisk constantly until temperature reaches 65 degrees C. Oh man, the fourth quarter…fun times lol. So remove the sugar on the recipe instead and use half of the can. If you can get hold of fresh purple yam rather than the frozen one, then much better.

I have an 8 inch pan, Would i still be able to do a 2 layer. I find your frosting yummy!!. Send me email every new post. Again thank you so much.


  1. Patrick M. says:

    This is a great Filipino purple yam cake. More pictures of Ube-Macapuno Cake . Buttermilk Cake Recipe - One of the best chocolate cake recipes I've ever.

  2. Linmicida says:

    The recipe is actually really simple and so is the process, but I have to warn you though that it requires muscle power and patience…lots of it! Maybe that is why Ube Halaya is usually only served at special occasions because of the time and work it requires, but do not get discouraged because it is worth all the effort and with the new kitchen gadgets nowadays it can be a lot easier. Ube Halaya is usually served cold. 🦹

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