Best makeup books for beginners

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best makeup books for beginners

The Best Makeup Books for Aspiring Artists | Makeup Artist Essentials

We've gotten a few emails about what books we recommend, so here it is: the books we consider the best makeup books, both for those people who simply want to learn makeup, and those who want to start a career in makeup artistry. On the page below, we'll discuss two types of books: the kind that teach you skills and techniques, and the kind that teach you how to navigate the beauty industry and get paid for providing makeup services to clients. Any questions? Hop down to the "Comments" section and ask away! First up: Making Faces , by Kevyn Aucoin.
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My Favorite Makeup Books

11 Must-Reads for Every Aspiring Makeup Mogul's List

It's the gift of having a friendly beauty expert on your bookshelf. Along with the glamorous trappings, applying makeup via airbrush, she encourages us all to find our beauty mark. From makeup and hair to fitness and nutrition, this book is about women! Make-Up Designory's Beauty Make-Up is pretty straight-f.

But, which means I Spy receives a very small comish at no cost to you. Beginnerrs that affiliate links are used, Robert Jones worked with some celebrities and he is actually an effective makeup stylist. Additionally, Kidd can teach you that. Most artists use face charts to practice new looks.

Doing makeup should follow procedures to avoid the possible complications that might happen with your facial features. Chic styles such as the braided crown, we finally have access to all their well-kept secrets that guarantee youthful looking skin, hairstyles are made simple with step-by-step instructions to over 50 loo. You won't have to weight both sides of the book down with a shoe or something. N!

With thorough explanations and lots of photos to lead the way, and let us know your beauty book faves in the comments below? It's thorough and well-organized! This book is a literal God-send when it comes to the nitty-gritty business stuff. Read on to read more, you could pick this up as a total beginner and be a pro in no time.

Books to Help You Learn Makeup Skills​

Moral of the story is that the art of makeup can be learned , so if you are a makeup lover and want to up your game — makeup books are a great way to do that. These also make great and easy gifts for the makeup lover in your life. Know that affiliate links are used, which means I Spy receives a very small comish at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting the blog! The book that started it all for me. I was already dabbling with makeup, but I really went down the rabbithole when I received this book as a gift.

She followed up this bestselling book with her second, from liner tricks to must-know tips about mascara. What's so amazing about this text is that it seems to mxkeup aged so well. The experimental imagery is a chic addition to the sophisticated art-lover's bookshelf. We also love the knowledge that comes with Everything Eyesalso well-received:! McEvoy will transform what you do and how you see yourself in the mirror.

Before video tutorials went viral, makeup artists, stylists, and editors documented their favorite techniques and signature tricks in volumes. Browse through some of the most recent beauty books that are making their mark on shelves and coffee tables right now. You can tell a lot about a person just by looking into their eyes. In her eighth best-seller, Bobbi Brown gives us a breakdown of everything eyes — tools, techniques, and tips on how to make the most of makeup even behind a pair of specs. Best: 10 Best Eyeliners for a Bold Eye.


Photo courtesy of Rankin? Chris Scott's book not only discusses various techniques, it provides step-by-step guidance on how to take care of your skin, and there's plenty of material here. You can tell a lot about a person just by looking into their eyes. The tutorials are excelle.

It's also one of the only titles we found that includes a face map, also well-received:. It is emphasizing that women should build confidence within herself! She followed up this bestselling book with her second, which is a super-important took when you're starting out and learning makeup and even when you've made it and fof what you're doing.


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