Best gifts for comic book fans

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best gifts for comic book fans

The Holiday Gift Guide for Comic Book Lovers - Paste

Got a comic lover in your life? Friend or family, let our holiday guide to the best comic gifts help you on your path to gift-giving super hero status. Whether they're a Marvel fan, DC fan, Image, indie, or other, we've got suggestions to help you get the perfect gift this holiday season. This is an excellent addition to the library of any Marvel fan and would make a great gift. The hardcover collection of Marvel's Secret Wars is pages of universe-destroying Marvel goodness. The book is a collection of Secret Wars issues 1 through 9 and also includes the free comic book day Secret Wars issue 0.
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Gifts for Gamers and Comic Book Fans - Awesome Stuff to Buy

Top 32 Best Gift For Comic Book Lover in Your Life

You know comic book lovers will have pile over a pile of comic books somewhere in their room. And just look at this glorious Chia mold. These oven gloves will match with the Captain America cutting board to bring some comics love into the kitchen. Share Tweet Submit Pin.

Also in Comics. I love this because these characters have no limits, which is exactly what I want to reinforce with her. Heck, he might even start showing it to you and reciting every heroes name! Since Wolverine is both a superhero and an anti-hero it will be fun to see which side the comic fan will choose to keep their figurine on.

And unless you know their favorite clerk behind the counter, then it is hard to know exactly what they have already and bok is on their wish list. There are over collected pages from the entire run of Wonder Woman in this amazing hardcover book, warts and all. From Lions and direwolves and bears. Sticky Notes For Wonderous Reminders.

Groot Chia Pet. A unique gift they would love. These coasters are really great. Chia Zombie.

Caution: handling this book while reading it will make your biceps big Designed to represent Batman through the ages, Diana's epic God Killer sword makes sounds as you swing it, the four figures in this anniversary set represent the art styles of Greg Capul. Not unlike your average lightsaber toy. She just became the DC Bombshell?

The gift-giving season is just around the corner have you already thought of a gift to give to booo special girl. But he has no superpowers. Spread the love. In the pursuit for the Iron Throne, there are but two options: To win or to die.

IGN's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you love drowning in the pages of a graphic novel or just enjoy keeping up with your favorite universe on-screen, we all have heroes and villains that we just can't get enough of. Indulge your geeky obsessions or those of your friends with some comic swag. We swear we won't tell if you decide to treat yourself to a holiday gift. Codenames is a card game where two teams have to try and make their partners guess what words they're thinking of. In the Marvel Edition, you play on either Team Shield or Hydra and try to get people to guess heroes and villains based on clues like "tragic backstories" or "portrayed by white guys named Chris. It isn't exactly WayneTech, but this Batman wallet is a great geeky way to hold on to all of your cards and cash.

October 27, Only 1 left in stock - order soon. If you aren't familiar with these periods, there is a brief introduction to each before them. Remember Suicide Squad. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

We here at the Guide are really into comics, so we had a blast combing through all the interwebz had to offer and compiling this list of excellent gifts for the comic book fans in your life! This sweet lamp, which is fashioned to look exactly like Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet, doesn't have the ability to blink out half of all life in the Universe in a single snap, but it will add a little something extra to your desk. That little something extra might be the implication that people shouldn't mess with you, but it's definitely something extra. Show your loyalty to the true king of Wakanda with this awesome faux leather zip-up hoodie sporting the Black Panther's logo on the front and back. Anyone who wants to brush up on the DC Universe knowledge, or who just wants to get a better idea of who all these characters are, will definitely enjoy this encyclopedia.


Nightlights shaped like Thor's Hammer are definitely not lame. If on a budget, from their favorite superhero they can flaunt at the convention. April 24. A unique item like the Avengers Gauntlet with Rings you also have the option to buy only a one day pass instead of the full three-day pass etc.

Perfect for a Marvel marathon leading up to Infinity War, this mini-fridge with Baby Groot printed on the front can hold your snacks and drinks so they're on standby when you're blasting through movies. This stylish sports jacket is waterproof and makes you look killer, pun bsst of intended. Got a comic lover in your life. The skin adds a personal touch to their keyboard.

Asking comic fans to take care of a plant might be asking for a lot. The life-size poster will make a wonderful addition to any corner of their house or just be another guest at their fabulous parties. I do not know how the teenagers coomic today will connect with it, when they were first published in Just look at that smiling face.

Tags christmas comic books comics gift guide holiday shopping the holidays. It will take dedication and effort to build this, you play on fot Team Shield or Hydra and try to get people to guess heroes and villains based on clues like "tragic backstories" or "portrayed by white guys named Chris. Secret Wars a little to broad. In the Marvel Edition, but that is exactlywhat your nerdy friend loves.


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