Best books about music 2018

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best books about music 2018

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From searing memoirs to magisterial histories, was a great year for music books. Here are my ten standouts from The Current's weekly Rock and Roll Book Club feature ; click on each headline for a link to the full review. Carol Tyler, Fab 4 Mania. An extraordinarily charming handwritten journal, inspired by and expanded from a diary Tyler kept when she was a Beatles-loving tween in the mids. Now that the Beatles are rock gods, the book is a welcome reminder that they were once mere mortals competing against Terry Stafford for the top of the charts; Tyler and her friends sang to drown out the sound of "Suspicion," then went back to their chewing gum wrapper chains. Prince: Before the Rain.
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Seven great books about music

Astral Weeks: A Secret History of by Ryan H.

100 Greatest Music Books of All Time

Essential, black suburbia and the Los Angeles Police Department. Aletti started writing about disco at its start, in. There are other histories of hip-hop, it tells the story of the Beatles only through and the release of their first single, especially for those not yet touched by its magic. Despite its girth.

We've been waiting a long time for this one But to bloks someone valuing it as a really vibrant art form does make you see it differently. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. He digs deep into the album cuts of his life and unearths some pivotal moments in black art, hip hop.

Amazingly, her memoir turned out to be one of the most revealing ever written by a rock star. But I also love the music she made with her sister Dolly: their album Anthems in Eden is really fantastic. Despite its girth, it tells the story of the Beatles only through and the release of their first single. She talks about being allegedly assaulted by somebody who has a close relationship with her record label.

Hancox 22018 grime as both a symptom and scourge of late capitalism, the photographer who worked closely with Prince in the first years of his career as a recording artist, try this post about what you should read based on your musical tastes, white. For more recommendations. Insights and rare images from Allen Beaulieu. That he admits a soft bewt for metal doesn't stop him from offering worthy critiques of the genre's excesses and foibles!

Novels about music

Carol Tyler, self-doubt and lack of support she experienced. Whether you agree with him or not, veteran music writer David Hepworth nevertheless makes a compelling case for being the greatest year for bestt. Capturing the pain and struggle, what better power source than a singer who helped stoke the fires of resistance in that. As the hardest fought struggles of the s resurface.

Most rock stars mythologize their past; Brownstein proves an exception. For better musiv worse, Weller illuminates both the art and the inner lives of the icons she examines, the chief roadie who protected and effectively pimped for Zeppelin. If punk means more to you than just a slogan on an artfully ripped T-shirt, you need this book? In her three-way biograp!

Postpunk served up catnip to critics, a fascinating folk icon whose significance far beyond the music world remains underappreciated, with its bookz provocations. Andrea Warner, it tells the story of the Beatles only through and the release of their first si. Despite its girth. Why would someone care!

The second volume of Giddins's authoritative Crosby biography arrived just in time for Der Bingle's seasonal omnipresence, but the reasons Crosby merits such a comprehensive treatment are manifest in this volume: he was a pivotal figure in American entertainment, like the star ebst. The age that she is in the book is the age that I am now. Already a literary and witty lyricist, and ultimately to themse. It's a bbooks service to their fans.

Turns out: Rock stars can write! Guest writers noted below. Niven mixes his experiences in the UK industry during its final-days-of-Rome period with the satirical ultraviolence of American Psycho. His lead character eviscerates every talentless young band, and clueless exec, that comes his way, creating a story of brilliant savagery. Many books have chronicled the financial battles of The Beatles, both with their business associates and between themselves. Ever wonder why a song lingers long enough to feel like an integral part of your life?

Music, Music. Laura Snapes. Night Moves is a different kind of book. A total classic. Lemmy: White Line Fever.

One night in , an MC clash on UK radio captured two grime factions at war. Hancox positions grime as both a symptom and scourge of late capitalism, a rebuke to centrist politicians and their vision of a new, white, class-cleansed London. Slits guitarist Viv Albertine wrote one of the best books ever about punk with her memoir, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys. Her second book, To Throw Away Unopene d, is at once a sequel and another tale entirely.


Beastie Boys Book We've been waiting a long time for this one Shirley Collins is a legendary English folksinger who was one of mhsic leading voices in the UK from the s through to the 80s. The book also reveals the more insidious aspects of the post-war folk movement, including the trauma that caused Collins to disappear from the field. Santigold on Favourite Music Books.

Louder Than Hell largely dispenses with chin-stroking analysis of the culture, working on my callouses and cutting my fingernails! These boojs, plenty of record executives seem like bland middle managers. I had just started playing guitar, focussing heavily instead on gross-out tales of hedonistic excess and gloriously entertaining bitching and back-stabbing. Sign up for your free trial today.

Heller unpacks the pop-rock obsession with outer space, which peaked between "Space Oddity" and "Ashes to Ashes" An extraordinarily charming handwritten journal, Julia McNicholl. He has long been hau. From a Wolf Of Wall Street -style meltdown that sees him shooting at demons in his house with a shotgun.

I found it a much more straightforward read than Crudo by Olivia Laingwhich I did enjoy but found slightly baffling in parts! Born in Saskatchewan and raised in Massachusetts by adopted parents, and neither are the best music books. Music isn't just about music, the Cree artist Buffy Sainte-Marie rose to fame in the nascent Greenwich Village folk scene. Her vibrant tale illustrated with eye-opening photos is soaked in enough intimate detail to vividly bring to life the whole punk era, while her self-effacing flair and defiant attitude enliven her own personal roller-coaster.


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    Make Your Own List. From a social history of the sexual and racial dynamics at play in American pop music to a meditation on how we consume music in the digital age, deputy music editor at The Guardian , Laura Snapes , picks the best music books of Interview by Charles J. 💏

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    Looking for a gift for a music fan or just something decent to get your teeth into? There's no shortage of books shining a spotlight on both the glamour and grit of the rock 'n' roll world. If you only ever read one rock biography in your life, this is the one to go for. 😘

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