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the best quit smoking book

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The addiction to nicotine is strong and repeatedly reinforced by circumstances that prompt smokers to light up. Yet the millions who have successfully quit are proof that a smoke-free life is achievable, even by those who have been regular, even heavy, smokers for decades. Today, 19 percent of American adults smoke, down from more than 42 percent half a century ago, when Luther Terry, the United States surgeon general, formed a committee to produce the first official report on the health effects of smoking. Ever-increasing restrictions on where people can smoke have helped to swell the ranks of former smokers. Currently, 45 million Americans are regular smokers who, if they remain smokers, can on average expect to live 10 fewer years. Half will die of a tobacco-related disease, and many others will suffer for years with smoking-caused illness.
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How I Quit Smoking By Reading A Book

And it totally worked the first time -- but of course, it's the staying quit that's a drag. But now I can glimpse a light somewhere out there; maybe the end of the tunnel isn't so far away. Remind yourself why you quit. Willpower is like gasoline and we can only go so long before we run out.

Establish a smoke-free policy in your home. Bought a used copy it was out of print, can you believe it. It explains all the good things that will happen to you when you quit, and while you think you like smoking or that it I do not enjoy smoking? On the chosen day, situations you associate with smoking and people who are smoking.

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How To Quit Smoking (FOREVER IN 10 MINUTES)

Smoking cigarettes contributes to almost 1 in 5 deaths. The top three smoking-related causes of death are cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD. Quitting smoking can add years to your life. The benefits of quitting are real, even at the age of 80! Pick a date in the next few weeks, share it with your friends and your family, and mark it on your calendar.


You Can Stop Smoking. Get more help? The brainwashing aspect of why people start smoking and why they can't quit is an amazing aspect of the book. Enlarge cover.

That would be a torture I wouldn't wish on anyone. It should also be tailored to your specific needs and smoking habits. View all 50 comments. This book is rated 4.


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    Bestselling Series

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    So why do we smoke. Still don't miss smoking. It might have been the translation to Norwegian, but this book was utter crap. Friend Reviews.

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    Allen Carr's Easy Way to.

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    Top Ten Tips on How to Stop Smoking - Allen Carr's Easyway

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