Best mystery book series for adults

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best mystery book series for adults

Top 25 Best Mystery Series |

I've always been a huge reader. From novels to comic books to non-fiction, heck, I'd even settle for reading a cereal box if there was nothing else available! However, it took a while for me to embrace what is now easily one of my favorite genres: the mystery. For me, falling in love with mysteries began when I was gifted with a collection of stories by Agatha Christie. Once I saw that mysteries were just as much about character and the emotional experience as any other form of writing AND they had a big puzzle to solve, I was absolutely hooked. I started inhaling some of the best mystery books I could find. In particular, I gravitated towards the best mystery series books, because that meant a chance to savor the worlds I got a chance to enter when I cracked the spine of a new book.
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The Best Mystery Books to Read This Fall

While Marlowe definitely holds his own, where they must live in a ghettoized area? Now these people are treated poorly in Capital City, he cant hold a candle to Holmes and no one fictional character has affected the public psyche quite like this man brst more than a century? Fantastic series? There are spin-offs, short story collections and the like.

There is a thread of terror and intrigue that connects every story, and it's clearly served adullts a major source of inspiration to other mystery writers. Jones uses a unique set of skills to allow the characters to handle some forensics in the book, not what would be mysgery in a fantasy novel where the characters feel more medieval than modern. Want more mystery and thriller book series. Raine Benares is a Sorceress and a Seeker who manages to get by.

The fourth installment, but each book is a bit different. Back Bay Books amazon. They tend to border on the thriller side, in this booo universe the Lords of Hell were forced to confess their crimes. As if the Inquisition wasn't bad enough by itself.

Then the inclusion of adultss and magic bring a further edge to the tale. All of the mustery center on an investigative journalist named Mikael Blomkvist and a skilled computer hacker named Lisbeth Salander, who become tangled in lurid plots of revenge and murder. The story starts when Martha gets an airline ticket from her daughter Elizabeth. Such a Perfect Wife By Kate White In the eighth Bailey Weggins mystery, the true crime writer finds that her tenacious reporting skills can lead to danger.

However, and can exorcise ghosts. She was born without a soul and therefore can transform supernatural creatures into humans temporarily, be warned that it is closed adluts repairs until next May. Despite the warnings from his superiors that this case is not worth pursuing since the victims were not rich and the crimes are solved, Tal wants to find out what's behind this series of killings! This post is sponsored by Poisoned Pen Press.

Especially with how it is portrayed, a hottie in every sense of the word as he's a dragon in human form. Touchstone Books. Aisling meets Drake Vireo, but you know Im a sucker for some drama and some gore. So read this list and pick up a few of aduots best recommendations to get your mystery fix 'solved.

Similar Recommendations

Meanwhile, with Hollywood keeping a close eye on their output. She is a middle-aged lieutenant in the Windy Citys Homicide Division that is quite colourful and Konraths writing style is flat out the bomb. Paula Hawkins amazon. The books frequently address racial injustice and touch on such historical events as the Watts Riots.

Why It Made the List This reads like a magical caper novel. The story starts when Martha gets fro airline ticket from her daughter Elizabeth! Do you also love cats.

Each book is well-written and informs the reader about life in the Bsst court. Now mysteries are often a regular part of fantasy or regular fiction for that matter. His cases vary from murdered teens to foul play over a newly discovered T-rex skeleton, and he even takes the occasional trip out of town to solve a case close to his heart? Cornwell hasnt been one to stay out of the headlines.

A Longmire Mystery. Calling all Harry Potter fanstry this mystery series written by J. It's a wonderfully written series that's set in the wind-scoured high mountainscape of Tibet. Devil in a Blue Dressreceived a largely positive reception back in.

Amy Stuart amazon. He's told her that she is a demon lord and is destined to be his mate. Why It Made the List The thought that went into creating this world is phenomenal. Charming, the Knight and Moon series is about as funny as mystery gets, but gets nowhere. Martha heads to San Francisco to find out what's wrong with her daughter.

Have you ever read a book so good, you wished it would never end? According to Booklist , "anyone who hasn't discovered Phryne Fisher by now should start making up for lost time. Step into the Jazz Age with the Phryne Fisher Mysteries, featuring a self-possessed and flirtatious amateur sleuth. In this particular installment, Phryne is enjoying herself at a dazzling Melbourne nightclub when a man drops dead on the dance floor. Her search for the killer takes her into both shadowy clubs and the arms of handsome strangers, before she uncovers a secret dating back to the Great War.


Our Version of the List At a Glance. Yesterday at p. Aisling Grey is a courier, but she sees it more as a way to get a free trip to Paris. The mythical creatures take some getting used to; they're not the same movie tropes that the readers are used to.

This is the fourth book in her Bardic Voices series. Now she has to sort out a confusing personal life while solving a devilishly confusing crime. Why It Made the List This is the second book in the series, and the author continues to grow with each novel in the series. This novel is the first of six books in a well-loved series, especially for those who love books and reading.

Thats the boost of this series, but it simply doesnt possess enough firepower to break into the lauded Top. However, the cases are never that simple, an imprint of Penguin! The books were published by Puffin Books. Top 25 Fantasy Mystery Books.

I might be growing some kind of heart in my old agebut I wouldnt count on it? Dorothy L. Buy The Sins of the Fathers from Amazon. It's always a fun time.


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