Best canned pasta sauce recipe

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best canned pasta sauce recipe

Spaghetti Sauce for Canning Made with Fresh (or Frozen) Tomatoes

This is a must can here at our place. Having quarts of homegrown, homemade spaghetti sauce in the pantry is a sure way to pull off a quick, delicious dinner when I have no time for cooking. I have always used a Hot Water Bath here in Kentucky for canning this recipe. Other sources and certain elevations require pressure canning for spaghetti sauce. Please check requirements for your area before canning. It is canned using a boiling hot water bath.
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How to Make the Perfect Marinara Sauce

25 Lbs. tomatoes.

Spaghetti Sauce for Canning Made with Fresh (or Frozen) Tomatoes

Great revipe pasta, you may not get as many jars of sauce as I did, you can keep the jars in the pantry or a cabinet for up to a year. It can be canned or frozen. Because they are smaller, marinara and makes the perfect base for meat sauces. Tra.

Discard bay leaves. Chloride ions serve as important electrolytes by regulating blood pH and pressure. E-Mail Address. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe.

Cannef run my tomatoes through my Victorio food strainer to remove seeds and skin. I am so glad you liked it and I totally agree. I always measure by starting tomato weight. Thanks for the recipe.

I would like to add ground beef to this canning recipe. Boil for minutes! I do pint jars and use 1 Tbsp of lemon juice and a leaf or two of fresh Basil in every jar. Thinking I need to stock pile this sauce.

4 large red bell peppers.
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Family Tested, Dad Approved

The best way to use fresh garden tomatoes! We are kind of crazy about our tomatoes over here. Our Uncle Larry is arguably the best gardener ever. He always has an immaculate garden, and has studied and taught about gardening. The man knows ALL the tricks to get plants to grow. Uncle Larry has 10 green thumbs! His techniques have been passed around the family, lucky for us.


Light bulb moment. I made this as my first ever canned spaghetti sauce. Want More. Try it in these delicious recipes:.

It was a lot of hard work. But adding a bit of lemon juice ensures their acidity. Place in a colander to drain. Comments Good tutorials on both the spaget sauce and salsa.


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