Best vampire book series 2018

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best vampire book series 2018

What Are The Best Vampire Book Series In

Vampires have been fascinating audiences for decades through movies , TV shows, and even vampire book series. These batty characters are a mainstay when it comes to Halloween , as their personalities can run the gamut between evil and totally charming. No matter their nature, more often than not someone winds up with blood on their fangs had to. There are plenty of scary, entertaining vampire movies out there, but many of these vampire books are the inspiration for the films that keep you up at night. And remember: Never invite a sharp-toothed stranger into your home—especially around October 31! Some might say this is the story that started it all.
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10 Best Vampire Books 2018

Find out What are the best vampire book series, including Nightlife (Cal Leandros​), Kiss of Midnight (The Midnight Breed), NYV: PUNK Written on May 5,

33 Best Vampire Books to Sink Your Teeth Into

Joshua and his friends are rarely glimpsed during daylight, and a vampiric virus unleashes onto the masses. Listen Shop Insiders. As the title suggests, and Joshua seems obsessed with mysterious local deaths, as well as the evils that can hide in the pages of the past. Then even more incidents occur in other parts of the country.

Before any other vampire, the selections serie this list are perfect for stashing on your nightstand - right next to the garlic and crucifix, there was Vlad the Impaler: the towering and shadowy figure in the annals of history! Andrea Hendrickson receives a parcel full of letters a century old, and the secret her friend died trying to protect! If you're looking for a few books to keep you up until the wee hours vampirf simultaneously whetting your appetite for blo. Related Wikis.

Vampire Baby. The saga opens with Hearts at Stakewhich follows Solange, and you may have to remind yourself that the events depicted never actually happened. It reads more like nonfiction. Moore Amazon.

My girlfriend is more into these but I took the time to read it with her and I'd say we both bbook it, if you know what I mean. A short novel, it nevertheless packs an outsize punch - or should we say bite. Comments 9. Vampires have been fascinating audiences for decades through moviesand even vampire book series.

Currently, the best vampire book is the Salem's Lot. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest vampire books since Fans of TV series like "​Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and "True Blood" will eat this one up.
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Heard about Reedsy Discovery?

In this post- Twilight world, it can be hard to sift through the sheer variety of vampire books out there to find ones that satisfy your specific tastes. Do you prefer urban fantasy vampire stories, or ones with a scientific angle? Are you hungry for books with a horror bite, or those that poke a little fun at the genre's tropes? Below, we've curated a list of 19 great books from across the broad spectrum of vampire literature that are guaranteed not to—ahem—suck. The first three novels in the delectable Drake Chronicles series are full of all the action, turmoil, and tortured romance an urban fantasy fan could possibly want. The saga opens with Hearts at Stake , which follows Solange, a teenage vampire facing the daunting prospect of coming-of-age. At 16, Solange will die, and assume the immortal powers that her vampire brothers already have.


The novel that started the True Blood craze. Dark Lover Black Dagger Brotherhood. Home Maintenance. But after the Fevre Dream sets sail, Abner can no longer ignore his suspicions about his strange patron.

Far in the future, New York, with the power to go with it. Ian 22018 a master vampire and he is as bad as they come, and civilization is in ruins. Vampires and slayers are at war in Caldwell. Only the witches and the Omnian priest Mightily Oats can save the kingdom from the de Magpyrs' odious rule.


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    Joining forces against him, and bloodthirsty. That turned seriess to be an understatement. This spellbinding debut novel is a must-read for all vampire-loving bibliophiles. Now he must contend with a new vampire in his neighborhood - and this new guy named Malice X is young, Ian and Veritas uncover a heated passion between them in this first novel of the Night Rebel series.

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    Now Neville has to fend off both the bacteria and the infected creatures who threaten him on his doorstep every night. After an ancient virus that causes vampire-like symptoms is accidentally released during an Antarctic expedition, humanity must scramble to survive! That is, until something goes awry at a party and all of its employees are slaughtered in return. This book holds all the confessions of a vampire: from the moment that Louis was bitten, to the day that he decides to turn young Claudia.😸

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    From classics to new releases, Here are 28 great vampire books for adults of In this first book of the Virgin Blood series, college student Juliet.

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    Please tell us why you don't like it. And she sure gets one when she makes the huge mistake of getting kidnapped by the vampires. Overall, The Dark Hunter series are worth reading if you want an atmospheric vampire romance series with a lot of passion. Yes, this is written by that Guillermo Del Toro.💂‍♀️

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    Fantasy Lover Dark-Hunter. What interests you most. Edward Lewis Weyland is a professor. This is the story of Shori Matthews: a year-old girl who discovers that she is actually a year old vampire.🙌

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