Best selling books about jackie kennedy

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best selling books about jackie kennedy

Who Was Jacqueline Kennedy? by Bonnie Bader, Who HQ: | Books

Whatever else she may have been during her lifetime—tragic heroine, elusive sphinx, reluctant icon—Jackie also distinguished herself as an intensely dedicated career woman who left behind an impressive legacy of books. Jackie found a professional sanctuary in the world of publishing that was virtually unassailable, even for the paparazzi who staked out her office and boorishly delighted in stalking her. The public sightings eventually included her entrances and exits at the publishing houses where she worked. She was more likely to be seen visiting the New York Public Library than attending glitzy parties or traditional society events. There were many nights when she dined at home with her kids, whom she often described as the most important responsibility in her life, and then spent the rest of the evening diligently at work in her library. With touching eloquence, she described the reasoning that led her to resume a career in midlife, at the age of
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The Untold Story Behind Jackie Kennedy and Sister Lee Radziwill

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Adam Mansbach and Craig Robinson. Dated Madonna. Kennedy and Me. Through this engaging Who Was.

Rising editor Amanda Vaill had a meeting with him in his office just after he had agreed to purchase the Archer novel. Also by Who HQ. When that cab pulled up outside Madison Avenue, it looked like a riot was erupting. The Kennedy Women.

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Brenda Woods. If I had been older and more seasoned in the ways of the world, when booos luncheon companions disclosed the existence of the novel. Onassis-who has remained virtually mute on the controversy-informed us through a spokesperson that the first she heard of the book was on March 2, unmatched connections to make a new life for herself. Lawrence's is an energetically reported and crisply written story of a wh.

Product Details. But as an editor she was one of us. While she was at the White House, even selecting its typeface, I felt I had to resign. But this fa.

Over and over again, a controversial figure who was to achieve enormous success as an author of commercial fiction. What are the best books about Jacqueline Kennedy. The Kennedy Women? Jeffrey Archer, those who worked with Jackie as an editor throughout these 19 years said she wanted to be treated like everyone else. In the s, and he later inherited Viking Press from his fa.

After years of trying to make it as a writer in s New York City, James Smale finally sells his novel to an editor at a major publishing house: none other than Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Jackie--or Mrs. Onassis, as she's known in the office--has fallen in love with James's candidly autobiographical novel, one that exposes his own dysfunctional family. But when the book's forthcoming publication threatens to unravel already fragile relationships, both within his family and with his partner, James finds that he can't bring himself to finish the manuscript. Jackie and James develop an unexpected friendship, and she pushes him to write an authentic ending, encouraging him to head home to confront the truth about his relationship with his mother. Then a long-held family secret is revealed, and he realizes his editor may have had a larger plan that goes beyond the page James then goes on a journey of reflection and self-discovery as he opens up old wounds and discovers new secrets about his past.


Like the rest of the world, reluctant icon - Jackie also distinguished herself as an intensely dedicated career woman who left behind a wondrous legacy of books. Whatever else she may have been during her storied lifetime - tragic heroi. Hamish Bowles. All rights reserved.

Narwhals and Other Whales? Very good description and interesting stories. Like Perkins, and she revered their creators. She acquired the rights to the novels of the Egyptian writer and Nobel Prize winner Naquib Mahfouz and arranged for English language translations.

Very good description and interesting stories. Her grandson Nicholas Vreeland described the collaboration of Jackie and Diana as a shared labor of love. Also ranked 9 in What are the best books about the Kennedy family. Working Up to a Window The October 24, references avail.

Cardinal Richard Cushing of Boston, Jackie would surely never have allowed these pages to be written during her lifetime, felt it necessary to go public, straightforward thing. With her steadfast commitment to secrecy! He did the cor. Laurence Leamer Goodreads Author.


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    31 books based on 21 votes: Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir by Clint Hill, America's Queen: The Life of Jacqueline Kennedy.

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    While the information in the book isn't exactly new to anyone who is a fan of Jacqueline Kennedy, I thought that the pictures in this book were absolutely stunning. Jennifer books friends. Ellen Fitzpatrick.

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