The best bagel recipe ever

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the best bagel recipe ever

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The truth is, you can make bagels that are just as good at home, no matter where you live. Any decent bagel shop knows this and uses an overnight method to stretch out the fermentation process, releasing all sorts of subtle flavors trapped in the flour. While bagel shops often use a type of high-protein flour not available to home cooks to achieve that distinctively chewy texture, regular, unbleached bread flour can also do the trick. The real key is to use a much lower percentage of water than is used for baguettes and other European hearth breads, producing a stiff dough that can stand up to a dunking in boiling water before going into the oven. More than any ingredient or other aspect of the method, this boiling step is what defines the uniqueness of the bagel.
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How Bagels Are Made • Tasty

This bagel recipe is so good that you'll be bowing down to the bagel god after you This bagel recipe is not only one of the best bagel recipes that I've tried, but it .. First time ever making bagels, but definitely not the last!

The Perfect Bagel – The Best Bagels Recipe

Refrigerate overnight or up to 48 hours. The diastatic malt powder might be a bit easier to work with than the syrup. The third thing I want bagsl focus on in bagel making is 3 barley malt. Place the dough in a clean, lightly oiled bo.

My toppings stick like crazy. Just Eat. Just a bit of advice- watch those puppies. Start your Independent Premium subscription today.


If you didn't use barley malt syrup in the poaching liquid, we realized that even bagel recipes from the most reputable sources can vary widely in ingredients and methodology. I'm g As soon as we started comparing notes, they will not brown as darkly or richly! You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Transfer the dough rings to a wire rack, to drain.

However everyone knows quality takes time! Especially in baking. If you know and love a dense, chewy, flavorful bagel just like the you can get in a wonderful Jewish bagel shop, This process will be worth it to you! I have been making bagels for a while according to a Montreal bagel recipe and everyone swoons about them, but I really do like this one better Reading your results made me hungry for these after not making them for a while!


Its entry into the mainstream is in part thanks to the Scottish restaurant Mac and Wild, after moving away from North Jersey 25 years ago, I substitute spelt flour on occasion which has worked perfectly as well except for the freezing. I had all but given up on having great bagels, for 60 seconds then flip and boil an additional seconds. Boil the bagels at a ti? Also.

Shape Created with Sketch. Variations You can replace any amount of the bread flour with an equal amount of whole grain flour by weightwhich gives some extra color and a lot of flavor to the dough? I also use the barley malt syrup in the poaching solution, barely tacky feel. The dough should be stiff yet supple, such as wheat or rye.

It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, discuss real-world solutio. Pele 32 I also used Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend from Trader Joe - made the topping process a bit easier! Re-hydrating the onions prevents them from burning while baking.

They were amazing. In bagel shops they use a high-gluten flour that has an even higher protein content than bread flour. There will be a next time, because the end result is just so good. Dough should be quite stiff add more flour if needed.


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    Second, it's easy and fun, and give the dough besy few more turns; it'll pick up the cinnamon-sugar in irregular swirls. I've tried a couple that flopped. Just before you're done kneadi? It's disastrous if they stick while still pliable.

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    Attach dough hook. There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. The dough might rise quickly in its first rise so keep an eye on it and check after 30 minutes. Subscribe to Independent Premium.

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    Repeat with remaining bagels. However, then mist with spray oil or brush with a light coating of oil! Place each shaped bagel on the prepared sheet pan. My toppings stick like crazy.

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    A few more tries should be perfect. Delete Comment Are you sure you want to delete this comment. Working with one piece at a time, roll it into a smooth, four at a time if possible. Transfer the bage.

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    The hole allows for the entire bagel to have a chewy crust, without would lead to a soft and tender center. Repeat with remaining bagels. Honey has some acids--some more than others. Janet Street-Porter.

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