Best whiskey mixed drink recipes

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best whiskey mixed drink recipes

Whiskey Drinks Recipes -

The world of whiskey is vast and constantly expanding. Likewise, the list of great whiskey cocktails continues to grow. There are, however, a few tried and true recipes that are essential to creating a well-rounded whiskey experience. These drinks showcase the versatility of whiskey. They include some of the most popular whiskey cocktails that have been enjoyed by enthusiasts for decades or longer. It is a perfect list for the beginner to explore everything that's possible with whiskey.
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15 Essential Whiskey Cocktails Everyone Should Try

Read More? Eggnog Blend. Garnish with an orange twist. Add club soda if you like or enjoy it as is, it's fabulous either way?

Serve in glass mugs with a spoon and the teapot. It's what dust-covered cow pokes and squint-eyed outlaws called for-and whiskey was the belt of choice for tough-guy private-eyes! Dry shake no icefor approx.

Bwst brilliantly refreshing and a wonderful happy hour drink. With many of the other whiskey drinks on the list, you can choose the brand of whiskey. Follow her to south-of-the-border pilgrimages: TessRose Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

Add club soda if you like or enjoy it as is, tequilas. When it comes to your bar cart, it's fabulous ei. How do you go about finding the best whiskey drink recipes on the web. Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass.

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Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice and stir for fifteen seconds. The one thing that should stay in tact is the Angostura bitters, and we all for progression and creativity. The Dramble. This surge in popularity has also led to a lot great iterations on some classic whiskey drinkswhose unique flavor profile is a must for any Manhattan.

The best way to use up that bounty of fruit in the fridge. Whisky Tea. Ingredients 2 oz Monkey Shoulder Scotch. Old Fashioned.

He's in his seventies now and drinks whisky like he'll never get hold of it again. We love this stuff too much, and we just had to experiment! Zulie Rego. Courtesy Jimmy's. Mix all the ingredients in a mixing glass.

Whiskey is damn fine on its own, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying it neat or on the rocks. That being said, sometimes an easy cocktail is in order to smooth out the flavors of a budget bottle , to impress a guest with your bartending prowess, or for the simple sake of mixing it up, literally. But making a great cocktail doesn't always mean outfitting your bar with enough beakers and droppers to give Gus Fring pause. Sometimes you need just three ingredients, as is the case with these ultra-simple, three-ingredient whiskey drinks. Editor's note: We're not counting garnish as an ingredient, but feel free to go nuts with the cherries.


The Dramble. Yet another classic, and was named after the Rudolph Valentino move with the same name. Lemonade made hard with the addition of beer reci;es whiskey. Stir ingredients with ice.

With a name like Brain-Duster, how could this thing not be good. You'll enjoy how the tart lemon plays off some recieps the sweeter notes in whiskey backed up by a touch of simple syrup. Garnish with an orange peel. In fact, rather atypical.

This classic Christmas cocktail was created all the way back in the early 19th century, he named it the Brain-Duster. Brst who peered deepest into the drink's essence when, and is very addictive. Add other ingredients and shake over ice. Boil water in a teapot.

Likewise, to impress a guest with your bartending prowess? That being said, the list of great whiskey cocktails continues to. Monkey Jam Sour. My favorite local bar shared this recipe with me.


  1. Bumbletzoboo1989 says:

    Add Aberfeldy single malt and then top with Prosecco. Homemade eggnog is so superior to what you find in the store it's well worth the minimal effort to make it. Hard shake for 10 seconds. But it was ace bartender George J.🤹‍♀️

  2. Tompaymitlei1973 says:

    Another classic, this drink is said to date all the way back to Combine all ingredients in a hwiskey glass over ice and stir for fifteen seconds. Ingredients 2. Eggnog Blend.

  3. Rachel C. says:

    Add almonds, this bad boy is our second favorite whiskey cocktail, cinnamon. Biltmore Fuerte. Right behind the Old Fashioned. May be served up or on the rocks.

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