Best pan de polvo recipe

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best pan de polvo recipe

Pan De Polvo Mexican Cookies | Just A Pinch Recipes

At the various cookie exchange parties that Islander attends around this time of the year in South Texas, one cookie that is almost always present is pan de polvo , a type of Mexican shortbread with a dusting of cinnamon-sugar. These sweet treats have a crumbly texture that make them so irresistibly tasty that it is impossible to eat just one! These cookies are easy to make for a crowd, whether for cookie exchanges, Christmas, Advent, weddings, special holidays and especially for National Cookie Day. Adapted from Eva Longoria in InStyle. In a small saucepan, boil the cinnamon sticks and anise seeds in water for about five minutes. Remove from the stovetop and cool to room temperature.
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Hojarascas/pan de polvo/galletas tipo polvoron

Pan De Polvo

Bake on cookie sheets at degrees F between minutes or until lightly browned on bottom of cookie. Thank you so much for providing it. BTW the cookies are much better when lan are allowed to rest for several days. Answer It sounds like you may be using a little bit too much flour.

Joseph MI Herald Presspg. Comments What lovely traditions. But with the pork lard is how I remember them. My father-in-law said they tasted professional!!.

Mix flour, cream the shortening with the vanilla extract and sugar! Cook until there is no uncooked starch flavor. In a larger bowl, sugar and milk together thoroughly. Skip to content Pan de polvo has been in my family as long as tamales have.

But slightly hot to the touch is fine. So. They are good. Use 1.

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Then, dust the warm cookies with this mixture. Your email address will not be published. I have a plovo for making smaller portions. The recipe is a family secret recipe that my great aunt and she taught my mother.

Bake for about 12 to 15 min. Once it's done you'll want to work with smaller "balls" of dough at a time because polo you try and roll it all out you'll be very frustrated trying to take out all the small cookies as the dough is very fine and falls apart easily. Tags: bakingc? Cook Time.

By the bes you finish the first batch, you will have a good idea of how many more you will need. Skip to content Pan de polvo has been in my family as long as tamales have. Either way is fine.

This is just too much for a small family. The recipe I use is different and the cookie a melt in your mouth. I really want to make these, but not that many. They were very flaky.

Notes There is enough cinnamon-anise tea to use in three batches of cookie dough. I love Pan de Polvo. Roll again in the sugar mixture, if desired. Thank you so much for providing it. Pan de polvo has been in my family as long as tamales have.

The Posadas are here! The candle-lit processions of los peregrinos pilgrims dressed as Mary and Joseph travel from home to home seeking shelter where they sing the traditional song Pidiendo Posada every night until they reach the designated home where Las Posadas will be celebrated. A wonderful Mexican Christmas tradition that lives on here in South Texas, with the hopes of preserving our heritage, culture and community that I am thankful to be a part of every year. My family looks forward to this lively event every year as we begin preparation early on in November. The entire community celebrates while a live Mariachi band sings traditional Christmas songs. Large tables are adorned with twinkling lights, fresh fruit, poinsettias and big punch bowls brimming with ponche. The woman have spent days preparing regional favorites from Mexico; tamales , mole and pozole will be offered along with steaming cups of atole , champurrado, rompope , polvorones , pan de polvo and ponche navideno.


I am very frustrated by ppan measurements being in pounds rather than cups. Cake yeast is difficult to find in our area, but professional bakers can still get it. Elizabeth Dugger. I think it should be fine.

As for pan de polvo was born in Texas by tejans mexican American women. Roll again in the sugar mixture, if desired. It made things SO much easier. Join us.


  1. Amy S. says:

    Preheat oven to degrees.

  2. Bee R. says:

    Lost the recipe. I have done that a few times, as it saves you the mess and hassle of rolling out the dough. Comments Melissa…. The trick to pan de polvo is to make them in advance?

  3. Samuel I. says:

    This site is edited by Barry Popik. Since I moved from S. Texas to Oregon, I have found that the Mexican Food is completely different and no one even knows what Pan de Polvo is, not even the hispanics from over the border from California. I know how to make most everything else that I really like except for these cookies. This recipe is one of my families favorites at Christmas time, and I know your family will enjoy it also. 👩‍👦

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