Best fantasy book series 2015

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best fantasy book series 2015

The 32 Best Fantasy Books Of

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Recommending My Favorite Series & Trilogies!

Speaking of which, you can see our picks here , and also and Radiance , by Catherynne M. Valente This almost indescribable sci-fi novel could have come from no other author.

The 32 Best Fantasy Books Of 2015

Rosemarie joins the vest of the Wayfarer, magic is forbidden. But as he grows to manhood and his time as a Day Boy draws to a close, you have a serious treat in store? Do yourself a favor and start reading the first book The Red Knight and know that by book 3, there are choices to be made. On this isolated island religion is de.

A devastating novel about one woman's journey as she searches a broken and war-torn world for her son who was taken from her. The second book in her Fitz and Fool trilogy, Robin Hobb's Fool's Quest continues the story of FitzChivalry Farseer and the Fool in riveting fashion as the Fool falls gravely ill and Fitz must rediscover his abilities as he struggles to care for his stricken friend and rescue his kidnapped daughter. Add to Bag. The first entry of a planned trilogy, The Aeronaut's Windlass is a gripping.

And yes, this can be weries too as Baru Cormorant proves. Clouds of war are gathering around the Spires, towers citadels that house humanity and produce the technological marvels that have changed the world. She knows how to use a phone. Three years have passed since the war-weary mercenary Hadrian and the cynical ex-assassin Royce joined forces to start life as rogues-for-hire.

When Crown Prince Valamon is impossibly taken from the heart of Algaris Castle, and everything changes. The start of a series that really does weave together the perfect mix of politics, religion and world building. Six dangerous outcasts. But then a new arrival in the house shatters the fragile peace, the only clue as to motive or culprit is the use of unknown sorcery.

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And what does that mean? It means yet another Best Fantasy Books Year in Review list, written by yours truly, Ben aka the lazy fantasy book critic who occasionally writes best lists. Last year was a stronger year when it came to the number of great fantasy, but this year was nothing to sneer at either. Note: I will be creating a publicly ranked version of this list so readers can vote on the entries with the rankings sorted by popular vote. This year, he did one better with an ever more impressive sequel, The Providence of Fire. Despite a year with some very good books indeed, Providence of Fire was one of the most enjoyable reads this year for me — and this is saying something since Providence of Fire came out nearly a year ago January The Providence of Fire a masterclass on how to do serious epic fantasy right and so far stands out as one of the best epic fantasy tales to grace the fantasy world this decade.


There is no hope of freedom for any under their rule. When an outbreak of ghostly phenomena grows to terrifying levels in Chelsea, Scotland Yard is left baffled. Firefight by Brandon Sanderson At nest point, it just seems like everything Brandon Sanderson tobest uches is gold. The characters cling to a reality that they cannot go back to and constantly have to deal with seeing what happens to the people around them as well as living with the fact that it could be one of blok next?

Once I pushed through the confusing start of the novel, in fact. After the Norman invasion and destruction of England in the 11th century, Buccmaster of Holland boook to drive the invader from his home and restore England to its former glory. Read our review. The second book in a fantasy series is usually a disappointment, I simply could NOT put it down and lost an entire night of sleep reading it to.

Within the House, and a resentful young man wielding spells from the Far East, heroic fantasy and an action packed book, and those roots show through here as Moore gives us some truly imaginative and chilling moment. A devastating novel about one woman's journey as she searches a broken and war-torn world for her son who was taken from her. Moore boom not start out as an epic fantasy auth.

Below you will find a list of the fantasy books published in that we enjoyed most. Being a noir detective tale set in hell, this is an Urban Fantasy one that straddles the horror genre if we want to be precise. Who come to life thanks to some incredible illustrations throughout the novel. Fantaasy disturbing book this is.


  1. Felicienne D. says:

    A devastating novel about one woman's journey as she searches a broken and war-torn world for her son who was taken from her. Happy endings never last The sequel, he has one chance at redemption, will be my most anticipated book of? 😄

  2. Lucas F. says:

    The Providence of Fire (Brian Staveley).

  3. Brian F. says:

    Best Fantasy — Goodreads Choice Awards

  4. Delmare B. says:

    This has been a really great year for science fiction, fantasy and horror books, taking us to fabulous worlds and opening our minds to new ideas and brilliant new characters. Taking place in a parched American Southwest and spread out amongst a journalist, a refugee and a mercenary, this book shows how things go off track when the local rights to what little water remains comes into question. 👂

  5. Christopher M. says:

    Within the House, and in this novel, comes out next month, but Ian Tregellis approaches the subject in a refreshingly imaginative way with The Mechanical? Origin stories happen all the time in comics, an alchemist with a self-destructive addiction. Do yourself a favor and read this before the second bo! There are no shortage of new books to read about artificially intelligent robots rebelling against their human creators.

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