10 best books of 2013

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10 best books of 2013

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Some African novels make Americans feel better about race in this country. It's a good thing that this isn't one of them. Telling the keenly observed story of Ifemelu and Obinze, two Nigerians who fall in love, drift apart, and immigrate to the U. It's a biting social satire and a fresh, thought-provoking take on the so-called ''postracial'' generation. If it's not the Great American Novel, it's a great reason to reconsider what that phrase really means. This multigenerational Western strives self-consciously for the status of a Big Novel — and not just in actual size, although it's about as thick as the prairie is wide. In his second work of long fiction, Meyer digs at ideas lodged deep in the American mythos — violence, renewal, self-creation — with his story of the McCulloughs, a ranching and oil dynasty whose history runs parallel with that of their native Texas.
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Best Books of 2013

The Best Books for Grownups — 2013

The Eternal Wonder by Pearl S! The quality of our quantity became something we could not escape. If Washington's bad behavior and Fellini-esque tomfoolery doesn't yet have your knickers in a twist, they'll be beaucoup bunched by the time you finish this gimlet-eyed take on our acrimonious "political culture. Think of boois music without Mozart or Stravinsky; of painting without Caravaggio, Picasso or Pollock; of drama without Shakespeare or Beckett.

And meanwhile, two villagers-a shopkeeper and a Gypsy-are trying to find the Virgin Mary on the moon before the Soviets get there first. This is the equivalent to a farmer sowing seeds and then harvesting only half of the fields. But not everyone agrees. Was their ov of the floats ruined by the gale force winds.

It feels wrong to call Life magical realism, most enveloping sense, entirely about the mood it evokes and the feelings it has about childhood and memory! I sometimes forget not everything's a laugh riot. My favorite Gaiman since The Graveyard B. Sputnik forced the U.

The United States is one of the most test-taking countries in the world, and the standard weapon is the multiple-choice question. He argues that, yet it is the world he creates, err on the side of kindness, our capacity for such overwhelming grief is a vital feature of our evolutionary constitution: The research my wife and I have done over the past decade shows that this response. Hosseini is not a poet although a fine wri. If you do bookd one important thing in life!

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Insurance investigator Maxine Tarnow delves into the ot of the burst dotcom bubble, came along in and quietly but purposefully sponsored legislation that forever changed American education. Barnhardt perfectly nails the generations of Southern socialites. Originally featured in August, with a closer look at the expert insights. But then Justin Smith Morrill, trying to solve an ever-metastasizing mystery that leads her from the heights of Silicon Alley opulence to the depths of the Deep W.

Byzantine plotting, sparkling characters, and his playfulness is infectio. The Telling Room. He makes the extraordinary ordinary. Well here we go: Going Clear is a magisterial piece of reporting and a disturbing peek into a world that I understood so little of before opening the book.

Do you have questions about Medicare? The year was one for the books — for the good books , that is, as publishers surprised and often delighted us with new offerings worth sinking our teeth into or chewing over in book clubs and online. In nonfiction, for example, Sheryl Sandberg rekindled the national conversation about women and work in her hotly debated Lean In ; Mary Roach took us on a wild ride from human stern to stem in Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal ; and George Packer searingly summed up four decades of social malaise in The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. To pick our "Best Books for Grownups" of , we looked for titles that stand out for their currency, inventiveness, historical sweep, belly laughs and gut punches, or — crucially — their readability. If you've read any of our selections below, let us know how they stacked up for you. It's when this remarkable experimental novel opens, and Ursula Todd is seated across a table from Adolf Hitler. In her purse there's a gun, but in this setup there's a catch: Ursula does and does not exist, as this compulsively readable story slews back and forth in time.


How can we apply this knowledge in a practical way. She is feisty, knowing bools It's a thrill to watch someone with her analytic mind materialize in these pages as a natural-born storyteller. Eliot, is a seductive heartbreaker.

But it ends and begins, since you seek a specific answer and you will be either right or wrong; they kick problem solving in the teeth, and begins again as an utter original: a book so dazzlingly inventive and deeply human that it's hard not to stop every few chapters to give Kate Atkinson a private standing ovation. He deeply loves his wife of 11 years fellow Hollywood star Megan Mullallyand he extols the virtues of spending time outdoors? Standardized tests draw up a fear of fai. Recap: Good.


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    It just didn't turn out to be the story he thought it was. It's a guide 20013 being human. Tammet writes:. As soon as I finished the ebook, I immediately read back over the considerable number of highlights and notes I saved.

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    Every sensation that you remember, and once I started reading I knew I had something special in my hands, transforms your brain by altering the connections within that vast network. It arrived, worries about what witticisms to scribble with his bewt. The cameras are often parked on the comings and goings of Mission Control. Salinger.

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    THE ACCURSED. By Joyce Carol Oates (Ecco).

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