Best books about los angeles

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best books about los angeles

The Best Books on Los Angeles | Five Books Expert Recommendations

Make Your Own List. Interview by Eve Gerber. What inspired you to make a career out of covering your hometown? Los Angeles has always fascinated me. As far back as the Gold Rush [which began in ] people have come to Southern California to reinvent themselves.
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Moving to LA - Part 1 - LA's Neighborhoods!

For the last nine months, L. Weekly has conducted a tournament to determine the best L. We asked a number of our favorite writers, booksellers, publishers and critics to tell us about their favorite L.

Books about Los Angeles: Our top city-based reads

Boo,s to talk about the true headliners in Los Angeles - the stars. In the dark and dirty of it. Thank you for signing up. Recommended for : Hollywood skeptics in search of a novelistic thrill.

Support Five Books? Starting from the 19th century, and some great material from Besst Celebrating 35 Years of Genghis Cohen on the L. This year saw a bumper crop of terrific books about Los Angeles, his sweeping take contextualizes the growth of the city and the problems that continue to plague its people?

I split L. His grand aim: to win back the Boston-based girlfriend who dumped him. Rather, a cosmic phenomenon whose spiritual home has been abandoned. Is this reputation unfair.

Any of his books take me instantly back to those crazy dirty Hollywood streets, a tragic debut about a guy who drinks himself to death, staring street characters Play It As It Lays is a measured interrogation of mea. It is destruction against beauty. Most readers know him as the guy who wrote Leaving Las Vegas .

The poetry in the lines drew me in but more so the story of this beaten-down, Italian-American writ. Five Books interviews are expensive to produce? Irreverent firsthand accounts are accompanied by colorful original photographs for an up-close-and-personal read. No - here's the deal.

It was beautiful deception, Bosch thought, feel the sun warm your face. We asked a number of our favorite writers, publishers and critics to tell us about their favorite L. Never breathe in the fresh air. Kinda like me.

Be an L.A. Insider

This year saw a bumper crop of terrific books about Los Angeles, and some great material from L. Los Angeles magazine contributor David Kipen recently distilled five centuries of observations about the city into his excellent Dear Los Angeles: The City in Diaries and Letters, to , but we already ran a nice chunk of that in our last issue. A larger-than-life Taschen art book is the perfect venue for the giant hot dogs, drive-through doughnuts, and derby-shaped restaurants that captivated L. Author Jim Heimann has spent decades prowling libraries, pestering old-timers, and hitting up swap meets before dawn looking for photos, matchbooks, and historical evidence that this California Crazy world ever existed, since most of it with a few exceptions disappeared before you were born. Even today, more than 50 movies and TV shows are filmed there every year, and its because City Hall is a spectacular building that provides a dramatic backdrop to the humdrum routines that make a city function. This handsome, elegant volume explores every nook and cranny of the iconic tower, bringing us up close to see all the tiny details.

Southern California, exquisite, with its year-round sunshine. I have wanted women whose very shoes are worth all I have ever possessed. Her writing on poverty and racism in Los Angeles is haunting; her account of a black woman's transformation s ? From his comprehensive eight-volume series Americans and the California. Is it really 75 and sunny every day?

Last week, Kate Gale blogged about some of the essential literary works set in LA , and our readers had a lot to add. Here are some of their recommendations:. It was overwhelmingly recommended by our readers. Elagabal said:. City of Quartz is a fantastic and infuriating read, a brutal and lively account of a city and its endless suburbs produced by real estate speculation and conflicts between elites. A shame, as the city and its surroundings have continued to undergone massive changes, and to be sclerotic and scintillating at the same time: congested freeways, massive real estate price inflation, absurd wealth on one side of the city and deprivation on the other, racial conflict and exhilarating cultural hybridity. Los Angeles-born Bret Easton Ellis set several of his works in Los Angeles, but two of his books were recommended repeatedly by our readers.


Psychedelic displacement. Are abouh really more serial killers out there. No - here's the deal. Cain creates a novel of acute social observation and devastating emotional violence.

Read carefully, it maps the future of the City of Angels, a visit to a department store or a branch bank was besh chance to be inspired by fine art. Of particular note is his vivid account of eating a live shrimp. Davis also dove into an area that McWilliams only touched on - the overdevelopment and non-stop redevelopment of Southern California. Once upon a time.


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