Best vanilla cake recipe for fondant

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best vanilla cake recipe for fondant

Vanilla Cake (The Best) | Ricardo

Some require more experimentation than others though. That being said, you can use regular milk instead of buttermilk in this cake recipe if you prefer something sweeter with less of a tang to it. You want to follow the recipe exactly as written and pay attention to any notes. Following these steps will really help ensure your cakes are successful. It will also make your life easier and less stressful, trust me! Milk substitutes such as almond milk or coconut milk, etc. I provide a thorough step by step process as well as tips and troubleshooting.
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Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe - How To by CakesStepbyStep

After many cake fails, I found the perfect vanilla cake recipe. enough for shaped cakes, tiered cakes, and holds up beautifully under fondant.

Vanilla Cake (The Best)

Xake will make the frosting hard, but you can take it out hours before serving to soften up. Yes, at pm Reply. So it leads me to believe there was something off with the measurements. Lillian - June 2, this will totally work.

If so, it could be either due to overmixing or expired baking powder. Login Not a member yet. I think it might run a bit hot - you can get an oven thermometer they are inexpensive to see how off it is and adjust the temp accordingly. Love your site.

Fondant over a chocolate cake

Thank you again. Thank you so much!. I was also wondering if you ever measure out your ingredients by weight. Hi Alexandria. Thank recpie for all your help.

Great Recipe, I run a cake business from home and was looking for a go to vanilla cake recipe. Its very moist and also fluffy. I baked 2 cakes at as per the recipe and 2 at my usual temp for cakes The cakes baked at turned out alot better! Excellent recipe, I will be using Swiss meringue butter cream for frosting and crumb coating, my question is this cake good for covering with marshmallow fondant after frosting? Hi I'm wondering if this recipe would be a good fit for a Winton giant cupcake pan. Is it dense enough to be able to hold the top up without crushing the bottom. Do not let the negative reviews deter you.


Share this on WhatsApp. Alyssa - May 2, at am. For the buttercream, did you read my notes in the recipe. Lindsay - September 4.

Also I am planning to reduce the 3 cups of sugar to 2. French buttercream is made with egg yolks, sugar and butter so it naturally has a beautiful pale yellow color. Can I still use this recipe. The problem that I have had with using fondant is that if fondamt refrigerate it it gets sticky and shiny and loses that nice porcelain finish.

It is when the cakes are soft after baking and the temperature of the buttercream too warm and soft etc that it becomes a problem. I was certain you knew what you were an experienced baker and I was correct. We tried cupcakes and they turned out great, we only baked them for 17 minutes. I would like to travel with it in an electric cooler all decorated ahead of time.

Ricardocuisine April 13th, I have 2 9inch pans! If i wanted to still make a tall cake like yours how full would I have to fill my cake pans, Both recipes use the same filling and reheat well. Hi Meghan.


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    Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

  2. Narazgpamo says:

    Be sure to spoon and level your flour, not scoop it. You could also try adding more vanilla or use vanilla bean paste or some other flavouring cakee tiny bit of almond extract. Strawberry filling would be divine. Most ovens are a little off in temperature.

  3. Max C. says:

    I measure out 1 cup of milk and add 1 Tbsp lemon juice to it or vinegar recie let it sit for 10mins. I agree that a tiny bit of lemon always brings out the best flavors, but when used in such a small amount no one will ever mistake it for a lemon cake. Thank you so much!!? In any case, I ended up working with it til it was a creamy consistency and ccake the cake in the fridge until Sunday afternoon.🤛

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    With image Text only. Super easy to fondannt. I am going to make it again upping the butter and buttermilk a bit and see how it goes. I believe I can use the whole recipe to go at once.

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