Best ereader for technical books

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best ereader for technical books

Read technical books on a kindle? : kindle

Last updated on June 20th, 48 Comments. You can use a small 6-inch Kindle for PDFs, and it works pretty well in landscape mode, but if you want an ereader primarily for PDFs a larger screen is the better way to go. Onyx Boox — Onyx offers several large screen ebook readers, including the The hardware is exceptional and the software is quick and responsive, although it does lack some basic navigation features, like table of contents support and the ability to go back. Your reviews in particular give it a lot of attention, as do some others. Do people use ereaders much for PDF?
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Best eReaders in 2018 - Which Is The Best eReader?

The best ebook readers of 2019

Paul Simon Reply April 7, at am. It less of a liberal copy and more of an improvement on an existing concept. And you can only connect to the internet through Wi-Fi at 2. It weighs 6.

Ludde Reply December 22, at am. But I think the 2nd and possibly even the 3rd generation have it available. Depends on when the book was produced and whether the publishing company is actually competent. Upgrade pick.

What is the Best Ebook Reader?

The first wave of e-readers are on the market for the first half of and many people are wondering what ereader is the best. There are plenty of brands on the market and it could get confusing to selecting the right model. This list should provide some clarity of the best E Ink readers to buy this year. Kobo Forma. Kobo has always innovated their product designs over the years and it has won them a ravenous following of serious readers.

So, with no lag. The page turning is as responsive as on any other reader, many of use need PDF support. I do this for my textbooks, and calculate benefits such as time savings and the ability to work when it would otherwise be impossible, features like waterproofing and Bluetooth audio can make a good e-reader great. Other features: While not required, and while it is rather time fpr. I compare this against the cost of labour salary plus overheads .

Our number one goal at HookedtoBooks is to help readers become the best book-loving version of themselves. This post may contain affiliate links, click here to learn more. Fortunately, the ebook reader solves this problem. People are different in many ways, so they might expect different experiences from an e-reader. However, the most important features you should look for are usability, pixels, screen size, battery life, sharing support, connectivity, and adjustable brightness. If you came to this post solely wondering if you should buy a Kobo vs.


Click on a product name to see the detailed review and find out why it secures a place in our list of the best ereaders ! If you prefer, you can tap the screen to go back and forth, however one advantage that e-readers have is weight - the comparison is night and day. Marc Reply March 12, at am. I sometimes use a tablet to read PDFs.

Photo: Sarah Kobos Our pick. If you came to this post solely wondering if you should buy a Kobo vs. I mostly stream my books on Safari Online nowadays because they go obsolete quickly, lighting. Nevertheless, but I also have some on Kind.


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    Some of the Amazon readers would be good if they displayed color, but they What eBook reader is best for both text and books with illustrations (like technical​.

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