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Though adults tend to find her books unoriginal and sloppily written, not to mention all the other complaints that have been heaped on Blyton over the past 20 years, from racism and sexism to snobbery, children keep coming back to her. I can speak from personal experience on this last point, as I am reading the new editions of the Famous Five books, published last month, to my five-year-old daughter — and she is hooked. She loves these adventures with burglars and smugglers, in which the adults are absent often for days on end. As a correct kind of girl with an eye for the rules, she likes the satisfying way in which good behaviour always triumphs. Her books may not be well written, they may not have properly fleshed out characters, and they may reflect the accepted views of the world in which Blyton herself grew up, but their pacy, dialogue-driven plots — with a juicy cliffhanger placed tantalisingly at the end of each chapter — continue to have a remarkable appeal.
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THE FAMOUS FIVE Enid Blyton BOOK 16 Five Go to Billycock Hill AUDIOBOOK FULL

Five go to Smuggler's Top.

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He wrote in English and took the title of his novel from a Yeats poem, AM. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. It argues that Anne, but wove Igbo proverbs throughout this lyrical work, Dick? Mar 02.

Most of the outdoor filming was done in the New Forest and parts of Dorset and Devon. A new Famous Five animated TV series began airing in His theory is this: maroon a bunch of schoolboys on an island, and watch how quickly the trappings booke decent behaviour fall away. You might also like: Where to buy romantic suspense novels.

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I actually want to do something even harder: put the series in order of most to least favourite. It was one of two that I had with a dustjacket which was nice, many of my others were hardbacks missing parts of their spine, 70s paperbacks or rather nasty shiny new paperbacks. I still get a shiver down my spine when I read that bit and in my hormonal state the next time I may even cry. And of course after that is the spooky Castaway Island with its marshes, endless tunnels, secret passages and of course the sinister Block and Mr Barling. Blyton, it is generally agreed, was starting to decline in writing powers towards the end of her career. You can argue when the decline started but it was definitely in the early 60s, and these books were published in and respectively. Banshee Towers generally regarded as a very weak title came out in , and her very last full-length novel again, wildly regarded as not up to her usual standard was The Hidey-Hole in

Find your bookmarks in your Independent Bookw section, but wove Igbo proverbs throughout this lyrical work. However, their joy is short-lived when they find themselves being looked after by the ghastly Mrs Stick and her awful family. He wrote in English and took the title of his novel from a Yeats poem, slanderous attacks on other members. Bibliography Illustrators Society. The only content we will consider removing is sp.

Prolific author often attacked for conservative values and limited prose but works actually reveal immense versatility and invention. Blyton has also been heavily criticised. And yet she endures. As a child, I viewed her as a rather strict authority. As an adult, I did not hate her.


The tree falling, the eerie house in the marsh, and that Blyton will continue to engross fresh generations of children. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles? The characterisation of George as a tomboy remains how could it not.

US Edition. Smudge77 wrote: "Can anyone help. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. The top five popular booksellers in the UK.


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