Best coconut milk ice cream recipe

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best coconut milk ice cream recipe

Coconut Milk Ice Cream (dairy free vanilla ice cream)

A creamy, dairy free coconut ice cream recipe you can make at home, no ice cream maker required! In just a few steps, a bowl of luxurious homemade coconut ice cream— with many different flavor options! Yes, you absolutely can! However, by making your own ice cream at home, not only do you control what ingredients go in less sugar, and no corn syrup, gums, or preservatives , you also get to choose what flavors to make! You can even make multiple flavors from the same base. Have fun experimenting! Adapted from Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream.
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Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream

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This ice cream is amazing. The lower fat content is what can make vegan ice creams icy. May 26, at pm. I hope this helps.

Perfect consistency…so good…we added a few drops of food color for fun. May 27, at am. This breaks up the fatty coconut chunks in the canned milk. All I feel is the bits of sugar crystals.

Any idea why?. Bewt harder ice cream, transfer to another container and freeze for several hours. Hi Debi. Made this as a first time recipe for an event we were hosting at work.

A rich and creamy Coconut Milk Ice Cream made with just 5 ingredients for an easy homemade vegan and gluten-free ice cream treat. Not the end of the world, but not ideal either. Anyways, I just wanted to share! Category: Dessert.

The undisturbed ice cream is set and slightly creamier after hours. Im such A dork. I love your recipes. This is the blender we use.

I had to giveaway my ice cream maker when I was moving but I recently bought myself another one and I love it so much. Great recipe. If this tastes anything like your sea salt caramel coconut ice cream I will be in heaven. My family is impressed as this is a new desert for them doconut well as for myself too.

Add the sweetener and salt.
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Coconut Ice Cream

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure and privacy policy. Using only a handful of ingredients, including coconut milk as the base, this chocolate ice cream is a great alternative for those of you looking for a cold and creamy treat, but would rather avoid the traditional dairy version. The result is just as decadent-tasting as the real thing, but lighter on your digestion. Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream makes 4 servings. Inspired by this recipe. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth and creamy.

I covonut going to a vegan dinner in a few days, and I think this will be perfect! Here are our top favorites. The only diff is I mixed all the ingredients a night before and left it in the refrigerator at the same time with the ice cream churning bowl in the freezer for 24 hours. This post contains affiliate links. I think it can be done.

After years of developing mostly healthy recipes, people logically assume that I am one of those really virtuous eaters. And I truly enjoy lots of wholesome foods. Truth is though, I also have a massive sweet tooth and hardly go a day without satisfying it. When it comes to the craving that hits a couple hours after dinner, however, luxuriously creamy ice cream is the only thing I really want. Trouble struck last year when I had to give up dairy for a while. I was having major GI troubles and my doctor had me eliminate some things to help determine the problem. While I have been able to resume eating dairy in moderation, the hiatus kicked off a permanent love affair with coconut milk-based ice cream.


None of them can make pastry like her. I have a oce secrets for making this dairy free vanilla ice cream taste as good as regular vanilla ice cream:. See our new recommendations in the notes! If your ice cream gets too firm in the freezer?

Nordic Ware Cooling Rack. What a covonut way to enjoy coconut. A Can you use canned light coconut milk. I wanted a recipe that was non-dairy.

Was delicious and decadent even without added vegan chocolate just cocoa. Coconnut Peanut butter sounds like a delicious addition. Thanks, Megan - your recipes are fabulous! Have fun experimenting.

Kelly Just made this with my ice cream maker. You might add this warning to others trying the recipe? Thank you for the delicious recipe. Absolutely delicious and very satisfying because the cocoa powder gave it a flavor of very dark chocolate.


  1. Feimevouxand says:

    Thank you. My sister also added shredded coconut which gave that little something extra. Cannot wait to try this later!. I let it cool at room temperature for awhile before adding it to the fridge another commenter recommended this.

  2. Treadoranli says:

    Great, thanks - I will give it a go. I Made this. But, I need kce tweak it to suit his medical needs. I have a family member that is vegan and trying to lose weight and she really misses ice cream.👂

  3. Peñen V. says:

    Set aside 1/2 cup.

  4. Dan B. says:

    Heat up the remaining coconut milk, whisking until sugar has dissolved, I can not have coconut or coconut milk. This does make great ice pops- tastes like fudge sickles. How crewm ever. It is compact and makes the perfect creamy ice cream every time.

  5. Keith M. says:

    Comments Would coconut cream work better than coconut milk in this recipe. For a different twist last week, hope you give this ice cream a try and LOVE it. Also, I poured the mixture into popsicle molds and it worked quite well. Prep Time.💑

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