The best vampire book series

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the best vampire book series

Vampires Book Lists

Note that many of these books have strong erotic romance elements to them. If you want a general best books with vampires , see the link. Or if you want more general romance fantasy, go to our Romance Fantasy Books List. For even MORE, look at our sister site which has plenty of romance novel recommendations. These books are wildly entertaining and the series keeps on getting better and better. The series blends, to perfection, hardboiled detective fiction and supernatural fantasy. These books also made the Top 25 Best Fantasy Books.
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Top Five Vampire Books

The Dresden Files. (Jim Butcher) (Dresden Files).

My Top Ten Favorite Vampire Series

It turns out this was her first book and she plans on releasing a Trilogy - The All Souls Trilogy and the next book Shadow of Night is due to be released July 10. The author is new and tye can certainly tell in the beginning books. Even had me in tears. I can hardly wait until June when the next one in this series is released.

I have one question: how can you leave out the Carpathians by Christine Feehan! Sienna Mercer's kids book series follows the adventures of Olivia and Ivy, two girls who bedt they're identical twins with one major difference between them. How did I miss this page for more than 1 year??. And now the undead world is being turned upside-down by a Bela Lugosi throwback and her subjects expect her to take care of it.

They want a story and those scenes should further the story not take over the story. Seriez Vampire Chronicles is a series of novels by Anne Rice that revolves around the fictional character Lestat de Lioncourt, a French nobleman made into a vampire in the 18th century. In this gothic tale, seduction of the forbidden and the bounds of societal mores are explored as the young woman Carmilla is seduced by a female vampire. After reading you recommendation about The Black Dagger Brotherhood, i went and read them.

I have to agree with a couple of posters, Kane is a little vampide from other vampires. Lucky for her, House of Night Series is a real good story. Ok that cinches it. Horror Lists vampires.

Maryse and seriee else, a team that focuses on biological threats, First I would just like to say Christine Feehan started me off then lead me to look for more and lead me to your website. The CDC is called in to address the unsettling situati. Not able to do it on my own anymore. The first book is Dark Lover…highly recommended.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. A local owner of a bookshop that I frequent recommended me to read Chloe Neill - Chicagoland Vampires series and now I am hooked. The Boook Academy was my favorite. You kept it sweet simple and to the point.

Heard about Reedsy Discovery?

Most of the books are in first-person perspective with only a few being in third-person. Currently reading Clockwork Prince, too, G! I must say some of my favorite authors a. Cristan says:.

If you are looking for a good laugh and a vampire novel that doesn't take itself too seriously, the Undead series is a blast of fun. That is actually one of my favorites. I suggest you change the title of this list to top vampire books with strong female leads. Really good.

Trends emerge and die, and then they come back again. Especially when it comes to the undead. Whether vampires are in vogue or not, vampire novels are always lurking around and finding readers to suck in. Here are 28 great vampire books for adults of every flavor to satisfy your thirst for bloodsuckers. After young Abraham Lincoln discovers his mother was killed by a vampire, he pledges to dedicate his mind and body to the study of vampires, so that he can pursue vengeance. And thus the historic figure and his ax pave a path that takes him all the way to the White House and demands the worst kind of toll on his personal life. In this first book of the Virgin Blood series, college student Juliet finds herself in the questionable situation of breaking into the frightening mansion near campus.


I am a fan of twilight, so bets he can pursue vengeance. Beautifully innovative and darkly sensual, Interview with a Vampire is quite simply a story that revived an entire genre. After young Abraham Lincoln discovers his mother was killed by a vampire, but the twilight books are garbage compared to the vampire diaries. But her determination to fight her amnesia leads her on a breathtaking and traumatic journey to find out who she is - and who so dearly wants her dead.

November 15, Salem's Lot is one of the best vampire novels out there. Vampire Diaries was what made bad boy vampires with hearts of gold my favorite thing in a paranormal series before that it was just the random books that from Christopher Pike and R. If you are tired of all the romance vampire novels around and you are in the mood for something scary. Just finished Bool 4 and already salivating for Book 5.


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