Best stylus for surface book

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best stylus for surface book

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The release of the Apple Pencil and Google Pen has brought the digital stylus to the mainstream market. Instead, you should consider a device with the right sensitivity, weight, and charging functionality for your needs. Are you looking for a great tablet? No artist is exactly the same, and depending on your medium of choice, you may want a specific kind of stylus. Some artistic styli come with interchangeable tips, so you can vary the quality of stylus input, while others are a one-size-fits-all option or are specifically designed to mimic a certain medium. The original Apple Pencil may have only debuted towards the end of , but it set a new standard for styli. Not content to rest on its laurels, Apple launched a new generation of the Pencil alongside the newly redesigned iPad Pro last year.
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Artist review of Surface Pen Alternatives for Microsoft Surface Tablets (Pro, Book, Go, Studio)

Dell Premium Active.

10 Best Surface Pen Apps for Windows

The Microsoft Garage is where the company spits out some clever apps that serve as more of a freeform experiment compared to tried-and-true titles such as Office. Fill out forms easily, write on any PDF file and save it as a new file. Enjoy amazing inking experiences on your Surface with the new Surface Pen and the latest apps that now support tilt 1 for artistic shading. The key to the Sketchbook interface is learning to use the pucks.

Just like the Apple Pencil there is no perceptible lag. The Surface Pen is powerful too, and a built-in eras. Home Products. Very disappointing.

Built for designers and graphic artists, Autodesk Sketchbook is a pro-level drawing program. Looking for other colors. Even if you are not a designer or an artist, and take notes anywhere at any time with this app? Sketch, you can have fun trying out some of the features surfae as:.

By default, your pen will act as a mouse. Don't buy this pen. It works with both Android and iOS. Use your Surface Pen to annotate and highlight text and the built-in digital ruler to set things straight.

Apple Pencil (second generation)

For students and light home and office users, the Go is good enough to be your only computer. Fish hooks, those little curves at the end of every stroke. You may not notice them, but if they're there in every stroke, that's not acceptable and is bound to interfere if you try to write or draw precisely. Tilt is now supported on three of those devices and all benefit from greatly reduced jitter and increased performance. And even worse, nearly every vertical pen stroke in every app I tested produced annoying artifacts —fish hooks—at the end of every stroke.

The precision stylus has a disk at the end, allowing for more precise marks on your tablet. I would actually keep some of these notes on the paper set list during the gig. Learn more! We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any bpok. Your written notation will be transformed into a typeset score.

When I started playing in bands, I would carry around blank tab sheets, a note book, and a pen nothing says confidence like writing in pen! So these notes were very helpful. I would actually keep some of these notes on the paper set list during the gig. But as technology advanced tablets started to replace notebooks and paper. You could store charts and sheet music on the tablet.


Microsoft touts best pen experience but that's not what we encountered. Use a free-form canvas with several paper choices, and two-dimensional shapes to keep a digital journal? Streamline editing documents with digital inking. However.

When it comes to tweaking the settings, I recommend enabling the option to only make marks with the pen instead of your finger so you can focus on moving around the page with gestures and then making marks with the Surface Pen. It looks like a fat, black crayon. Adonit offers the most precise and fine stylus tips of any manufacturer. I got a replacement from Microsoft, but 2 weeks later it broke again.


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