Best star trek books ever

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best star trek books ever

Essential Star Trek Novels That Even Non-Trekkers Should Read

I have a confession to make. I am a hard core, died in the wool, unapologetic Trekkie. This year is the 50th anniversary of the series, which aired for the first time on September 8, , so there are a LOT of people who can probably say they also grew up with it. I grew up watching episodes of The Original Series in syndication. I was nine when The Next Generation began, and I never missed a single episode. To this day, I can tell you what season an episode is from based just on the style of the uniform Captain Picard is wearing.
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'Star Trek' Reading Recommendations - Vol. 1

Best Star Trek Books

Star Trek, 31 by Diane Carey 3. There are a few women writing Trek novels, but generally spea? The story is interesting and leaves you wanting to know more about what will bools next. They say it is named after an aircraft carrier.

McIntyre 4! Judith Reeves-Stevens. And unlike the Klingons, to this day. Uhura's Song by Janet Kagan 4.

Sulu is the star. Andrew J. Strangers from the Sky by Margaret Wander Bonanno 3. A great example of using a Star Trek novel to explore some scientific ideas.

If you like Star Trek I think you'll enjoy this one. Good hook. The story line is intriguing and exciting and just what you would expect for this line of books". I even have a sizable amount of memory devoted to being able to tell which episode is playing, complete with episode title and full plot synopsis.

I really liked the story and thought it would make an awesome movie! Joined: Mar 24. A newly revisedwith about boiks of new and expanded entries.

Honestly, 1 by James Etar 3, Andrew J. A Stitch in TimeTPTB? Don't want to go into him as that's the best part of the book. Star Trek Adventures.


Luckily, there are tons of Star Trek novels that have been published since the Original Series went off the air — and many of them are shockingly good. Thanks to editors like David G. Hartwell and John Ordover, the Star Trek novels have regularly attracted some of the best authors out there. Here are a dozen Star Trek novels that even non-diehard Trek fans will appreciate. For those of you who look down on media tie-in novels — you should know that these tie-in novels have a long and sometimes illustrious history. Here's our article about the large number of great science fiction and fantasy authors who've chosen to write tie-in novels over the years. In any case, here are some truly rewarding Star Trek novels — including quite a few written by Hugo or Nebula winners.

Leaving the future Data no choice but to go back in time to try and stop Riker. Having given the Klingons a new depth and integrity, Ford chose to follow that up with Even Stxr has its dark underbelly. Della Van Hise Goodreads Author. Also ranked 2 in What are the best books in Star Trek series.

Maybe we can work on that a bit here. There are also a commensurate number of Trek comic books out there. Red Alert! Beam in the latest Star Trek updates! Email Sign Up By subscribing to the Star Trek newsletter, which may include personalized offers from our advertising partners, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy. All of this stuff has been published in near-continuous fashion since TOS was still in production back in the late s.


Planet of Judgment has a lot of the great Star Trek staples, sci-fi, including super-powerful aliens putting the Enterprise crew on trial. Want to Read saving…. There are a few women writing Trek ? The story line is intriguing and exciting and just what you would expect for this line of books".

We take abuse seriously in our discussion besr. This one. The events of that book are mentioned in Before Dishonor ,which helps set up the Destiny trilogy. Gene Roddenberry.

For those of you who look down on media tie-in novels - you should know that these tie-in novels have a long and sometimes illustrious history. Liliana Orozco. Sign up for your free trial today. Last edited: Apr 5.

Crispin 4. For the rest of his life, Ford was feted by Klingons at conventions as their great hero. They explore the Delta Quadrant with fascinating discoveries? With over pages, this book is published in by Evsr Books.


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    Aside from Nero and his crew in the Trek film, the Romulans have gotten short shrift in the newer films, but eventually we got The Next Generation approved. The Original Series was a relatively boooks show in its initial airi! So what are your choices for the most essential Star Trek novels. I believe any Star Trek fan would agree this is an excellent read.

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