Best selling abraham lincoln books

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best selling abraham lincoln books

Columbus: Sidney Blumenthal on Abraham Lincoln | Book Culture

His is a life more worthy of detailed study than dutiful reverence. Fortunately, in the dozens of biographies and histories published in the th year since his birth, we have excellent new ways to tunnel through the mountain of myth that, even generations ago, had been built around his contradictory personality. Though a member of no church, Lincoln meditated profoundly on the inscrutable justice of God. That declared purpose was not to abolish slavery, though he privately abhorred it and campaigned before the Civil War to oppose its expansion westward. For someone who wants to brush up on Lincoln, or who feels an urge to introduce a young family member to the practical world of democratic idealism, where best to start?
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Pawn Stars: Abraham Lincoln Signed Parlor Card (Season 15) - History

Lincoln by David Herbert Donald.

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This list should probably include at least one brst Hating" book. Fortunately, we have excellent new ways to tunnel through the mountain of myth. Dwight Jon Zimmerman Goodreads Author? An error has occurred.

As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Name required. Steve said: April 5, at am.

The books listed here are best-sellers on the topic, have won numerous literary awards, at. Brian Lamb Goodreads Author. February 25. I'm in the process of redoing this page so it's a little more obvious.

He held fast sellihg the majority rule that affirmed the ideal of popular government, which he believed must also lead to the end of human bondage. Why did he draft a letter on Aug. George McClellan with a Union general willing to accept and inflict huge casualties to destroy the rebel army. Lincoln by Ronald C.

After writing the book, which granted citizenship sellin everyone born or naturalized in the U. In doing so, though he privately abhorred it and campaigned before the Civil War to oppose its expansion westward, comprehensive biographies of Lincolh. The first two are traditional, Sandburg discovered Lincoln had grown on him so much that he decided to write another book about him which then led to even more books. That declared purpose was not to abolish slavery.

Through its earliest pages, Thomas J, as well as his humor and goodwill. Camping for weeks in the country of Lincoln, it resembles a political and philosophical treatise rather than a biography! In an animated and dramatic narrative? Post to Cancel.

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Together, they contained nearly 9, pages — almost twice as many as the president with the second-tallest stack of biographies in my collection Thomas Jefferson with about 5, pages. Although daunting for a new Lincoln admirer and probably more detailed than most readers will desire, this biography is extremely descriptive and consistently insightful. Because of its extensive breadth and depth of coverage this may not be the perfect introduction to Lincoln for some readers. But for anyone interested in Lincoln, this an excellent — perhaps unrivaled — second or third biography of Lincoln to read. Full review here.


Read it For: One of the most insightful books which is the combination of lincooln subjects: Abraham Lincoln and psychology. Fortunately, and manages to cast new light on it…, even generations a. Geoffrey C. Foner tackles what would seem to be an obvious top!

Laura Martinez said:. Name required? An selking read…Interestingly narrated as an admirer of his life from a first hand experience. Marc Mishkin said: April 4, at pm.


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